Monthly Archives: December 2021

Deeply politicised police a danger to democracy

News that the BFD blog and its customers and commenters are under police “surveillance” should not come as a surprise. Like most of our public institutions, Police in NZ have been politicized for some time, but especially so since “Cuddles” Coster became Commissioner. As many have already pointed out, the issue here is not the BFD. The police documents released

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In 1944, Patrick Gower would have narked on Anne Frank

A core principle of journalism is a willingness to protect the weak from the powerful, and to always hold those in power to account. When journalists start working for the powerful, they forfeit their right to be called such, and are no longer part of that profession. They become propagandists. Unfortunately, most journalists today fall into this category. At the

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Christopher Luxon’s false dawn

National die-hards are flat out cheering for their “renewed” party, and who can blame them? Of course Christopher Luxon would make a “better” PM than Jacinda Ardern. Of course National would form a “better” government than Labour. However the reality is National has been taken over by a group of politically naïve liberals, (with the possible exception of Simon Bridges)

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