Wrong again Mr Hooton

In a paywalled article in Saturday’s NZ Herald, left liberal political commenter Matthew Hooton calls for Christopher Luxon to act now in securing the leadership of the National Party. Thankfully, the tepid reaction to Mr Hooton’s article suggests no one is reading news and opinion from that source.

That the far left groupthink NZ media has been telling us for two years or more that Christopher Luxon should lead the National party is perhaps the best reason why he should not. Especially when Mr Hooton is one of the cheerleaders.

Party vote totals in South Island seats show just how badly the National Party faired after the abortive Muller leadership coup

Matthew played a major part in the coup that replaced Simon Bridges with Todd Muller, perhaps the worst move ever made by the party in its near 85 year history. Muller resigned from the job after only 50 days, thereby gifting the election to Jacinda Ardern.

In 2004 the National party was led by Dr Don Brash whose prescient Orewa speech warning against Maori radicalism gave the party its biggest boost in support ever. Mr Hooton had strongly advised Dr Brash not to make that speech.

The prime issue with National is not the leadership, but its management and party structure. The task is to raze what exists to the ground and start all over again.

National’s founding principles stress a firm opposition to socialism/ communism, but for the last fifty years it has enabled the Labour party in drifting New Zealand far to the left.

National’s ineptness allowed the election of Prime Ministers Helen Clark and Jacinda Ardern, who were both heavily involved in the crypto-communist group Socialist International. Clark worked as the group’s Information Officer for some years, and Ardern led its youth group in 2008-2010.

Consequently and for some decades now, the welfare of NZers has taken second place to the global good, and today NZ is enmeshed in soft socialist tyranny.

National have enabled this tyranny largely by refusing to fight the culture war. In most cases legislation that has helped the left gain a death grip on NZ politics has been supported by the misguided Nats or even worse promoted by them, and it is still happening today.

Chris Luxon was one of a select group of New Zealanders invited to an intimate dinner with Barack Obama when he visited the country

For a current stark example, see the Nat’s support for the euphemistically entitled “Carbon Trading Scheme” on the absurd grounds that it represents a “free market” solution to the perceived problem of global warming. The scheme is a classic example of the totally destructive cronyism/ socialism (or rent-seeking) that Ayn Rand warned us of in her novel Atlas Shrugged.

National have completely failed to recognise that at the heart of every issue for the left (Labour) is their insatiable and relentless greed for political power.

Labour does not really care about all the issues it professes to. Social equality. Racial equality. Global warming. Education. Treaty of Waitangi. Feminism. Covid19 especially. They merely manipulate every such issue so that it brings the party heirarchy greater political power, and in most cases, the National party has assisted them willingly in this mission.

Mr Hooton sees the promotion of woke members of the Nats as their path back to government. Its why he cheers for Mr Luxon, Nicola Willis, Chris Bishop and Erica Stanford, the people behind the disaster of Todd Muller. He is completely wrong. Again. These people are good at managing socialism, but they have no respect for or belief in Mr Holland’s fine founding principles. They are primarily socialist enablers.

As the election in Virginia (USA) last week showed, the people are crying out for conviction politicians who will stand against wokeness. They don’t need more of the same old Marxist bs from a National Party that has completely turned from its mission because its management structure and party have been fully infiltrated by the left.

The best thing for NZ’s political future that Messrs Luxon, Willis, Bishop and Stanford can do right now is FO and join the Labour party. Mr Hooton should go with them. Its far better they all drag Labour back to the right than that National is dragged further down into the insane bottomless mire of Marxist wokeness.


  • Agree, National need to grow some gonads and oppose the socialist agenda…. It’s never worked in the past, and it will create a huge mess where racism and wokeness gains ground and sets NZ back decades …


    • Just like Muller, Glenn Youngkin, the Republican who won Virginia last week, had less than two per cent name recognition when he started the race. Against Terry McCauliffe, a long time high profile Democrat who had been governor for the last four years. Youngkin defeated McCauliffe by the power of his conviction and his oratory. No one in the Nats like Youngkin. In fact management has worked hard to exclude such people, preferring wimpy liberal namby pambys. National’s candidate selection has been woeful. Why they all have to go.

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  • I wonder how many of the gNats would read what’s here and what should be as plain as the nose on their faces?


  • Oh, how the mighty are fallen
    Did you get the message, dear?
    Did the people on your whirlwind tour
    Make their feelings clear?

    Did you think a trip to Northland
    Would endear you to the crowd?
    Ten minutes worth of gobbledy-gook
    And they’d sing your praises loud?

    One question from a journalist
    And you were almost toast
    Where were Jessica and Tova
    When you needed them the most?

    Oooh, no, Jacinda, sorry dear,
    You’ve misjudged this one, petal,
    Feelings are running scorching hot
    And I’m not sure that they’ll settle

    And how about Whanganui, then,
    Where I think you got the finger?
    If you do return to Auckland
    I don’t suppose, you’ll linger

    Quite a turn up for the books
    About time, too, I reckon,
    Time for you to plan ahead
    Does resignation beckon?

    So, sorry, Jacinda, too late now
    Just head off back to Welly
    Stick the jug on, put your feet up,
    Sit and watch the telly

    No-one wants to see you, dear,
    You’ve made our lives too tough
    Stay inside your ivory tower
    NZ has had enough.

    Val Davis

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  • Maybe the pseudo self-styled bish has something going for him, with this?

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  • Hooton’s views have as much merit as an Ardern Press release. He backed Mueller when Bridges was by far the better leader, now he is further trying to destablilise National. Best Hooton just eff off into the night.


  • National’s John Key really kicked off the racial apartheid process with his Govt’s sneaky signing of UNDRIP (something Helen Clark wasn’t pepared to do), his deeply flawed & open-to-interpretation Marine & Coastal Area Act which gave Maori claimants taxpayer funding to claim our entire coastline (which they’ve now lodged), plus the incredibly racist super-Auckland City with its exhorbitantly ratepayer-funded Independent Maori Statutury Board. Luxon is said to be a Key-clone and a Jacinda-lite and he has never once that I’ve seen spoken out against the rampant racial apartheid being entrenched in our government processes and policies. I wouldn’t trust National with him anywhere near the hot seat.

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  • Right on the money again, Redbaiter.


  • Don’t panic. Six months out from the election John Key will step up as a list MP and will take over leadership for one term only. The only worry is that Luxon will be his deputy and take over in 2026. Ardern will scarper to the UN prior to the election and Labour will be in tatters.


    • Don’t panic?!?! Please explain how what you describe could ever be a good outcome for NZ?


    • Let’s be honest about Ardern, even UN will not want the useless incompetent bint. She is a lifelong failure in everything she touches.


  • Only in New Zealand could you find people of such low intellect appoint themselves as political commentariat and try to exert influence over the political and economic direction of a country. Hooton should find a job buffing chrome domes, it would be a more honest living than what he currently engages in.

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  • I’ll trust em when they grow their hair back. Too much joystick time fellas. Good luck with prostrate cancer.

    National are dead. Rejecting their role as opposition, to chase their paymasters vaccine talking points was a bad mistake.

    Seymour represents 15% dissent yet he is obviously compromised. Politicians represent their donors. Not the people. Suicide-Seymour will be able to utilise his new law when people discover he is insane & unelect him.

    Collins is a joke, unlikeable, unelectable. A BFD zombie.

    New Zealand is soft. Sadly people will need to discover pain before they wake up. Economic pain is coming. But so is totalitarian pain. It’s a race to the bottom. Either way, a wake up is inevitable. National would be better off picking a random person in the white pages as leader.


    • Maybe you are more suited to “The Standard” with Bradbury’s sleeze. Your views are offensive and show how worried you wokes are about the falling from grace of a communist charlatan who is an insult to the position of New Zealand PM.


  • Another accurate article. Be encouraged, keep up the great writing.