Yale academic trashes Ardern’s management of Covid19 epidemic

During the Covid19 saga Jacinda Ardern’s government has seriously and repeatedly proclaimed itself the only trustworthy source of facts and creditable opinion. The video below proves this claim to be a complete and utter falsity.

Worse, its agents in media and academia have viciously attacked any person who attempted to express any information or opinion that challenged the government’s message. Standard procedure has been to write such sources off as invalid because they lack the correct qualifications or because they are part of some group the govt doesn’t like.

Mark Levin has been a broadcaster (in the US) for three decades and has a daily audience of around 10 million listeners. He has written numerous books on the left, and his latest best seller, “American Marxism” is a valuable read. He also has a weekly show on FOX News entitled “Life Liberty and Levin”.

Last weekend Mr Levin interviewed Dr. Harvey Risch, professor of epidemiology in the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at the Yale School of Public Health and Yale School of Medicine.

There is no way the Ardern govt and or its sickening fake media acolytes could write this eminent Professor off as unqualified or some kind of fringe nutter. He teaches medicine at one of the most respected universities in the world.

An edited (7 minute) video of Dr Risch’s appearance on the show is below. Here are the bullet points from the discussion that totally destroy the credibility of the Ardern govt and its vile media apparatchiks-

  • Kids should not be vaccinated. The risk of adverse reaction is higher than the risk of them catching the disease
  • The rates of illness and deaths of children are too low to support mass mandated vaccination
  • “Noble lying” to the people by govts, justified by a spurious duty of care claim, is not good governance
  • People should not have to be vaccinated as a condition of employment. Ninety academic studies have shown that the natural immunity is the most effective counter measure and vaccinations of people who have had the virus only put them at further risk.
  • People who have had the virus have no need to be vaccinated for the public health. The claim that people who have had the virus still need to be vaccinated is a “big lie” probably driven by the pharmaceutical companies who have played goverments for fools
  • Everything that comes from government sources is targeted on selling vaccines, including the suppression of methods aimed at early treatment
  • Government decisions are being made in a very close “conflict of interest” circle of people who are heavily influenced by big pharma. More independent specialists and academics need to be consulted
  • Around 80% of deaths could have been avoided through early treatment with established medicines by community doctors rather than mass vaccinations.
  • Many government health advisors also sit on the boards of the companies manufacturing and marketing the vaccines

So this is the shaky scenario Jacinda and her media/ academic acolytes want us to buy into and fulsomely believe in. You’d have to be insane, or a socialist, but I repeat myself.

The way that Covid19 should have been dealt with is by individuals consulting their doctors and taking whatever measures the doctor recommended. Doctors need to be fully informed on the issue and not soaked with material from big pharma designed to boost sales of the vaccine.

Bottom line is that if Professor Risch’s views are to be believed Ardern’s anti-Covid policies have been an unwarranted disaster. People have lost their businesses and livelihood and been sacked from their jobs for no good reason. New Zealand’s fast dwindling productive sector now bears a debt burden exceeding a $100 billion dollars.

Only in a corrupt third world dictatorship should such an event normally occur, but during 2019 to the current date it happened in New Zealand. Think about that readers, and what it means about where NZ is today.


  • As usual, bang on the money Redbaiter 💯🎯


  • Glad you are back


  • Excellent commentary m8! A shame more people didn’t listen, and still aren’t. Not sure if you tune in to Leighton Smiths weekly podcast, but his guest of a few weeks ago provided excellent info on how we naturally tend to form and follow a group (I call it being sheeple). Hence why so many follow this commie govts instructions. Truly terrifying!!


  • Unfortunately for our Dear Leader her government has no depth of talent or experience in managing a big business or for that matter people. Blundering along, with the help of a flashy smile, from disaster to disaster with no thought of planning for future events, or so it would seem. It must be devastating for her to realise that her subjects have rebelled and are at the gates baying for blood. Show us the plan and a time line to living with covid. If you ain’t got one by now its time to step aside. If you really are a member of the team of 5 million reflect on the background noise that’s increasing in volume and its implications to the stability of our great country and its people.


    • Wait until her MPs realise they have short tenures in positions beyond their limited capabilities. Come next election they will be in the dole queues as the majorrity are unemployable, in fact, most lack literacy and numeracy skills beyond pre-school . . . maybe that is why Ardern selects them, they are on the same level of intellect.


  • “He teaches medicine at one of the most respected universities in the world.”

    Even better, Risch has a PhD in Biostatistics, which makes him much, much better qualified than Sanjay Gupta or Fauci to analyze scientific papers.

    I’ve seen sooo many faux scientists say that RECOVERY proved that HCQ doesn’t work when the NEJM journal article about RECOVERY’S test of HCQ said that its results don’t apply to community [outpatient] treatment. It’s either massive incompetence or corruption on the part of these faux scientists.


  • “Wairarapa Times Age” called them “Deceitful Lying Bastards”, and how apt this was. Seems to have ruffled a few feathers . . . maybe this company stands alone, not needing Ardern’s supply of taxpayers’ money to keep their inferior products afloat by following her demanded editorial policy. Surely this will put an end to McNulty, the progeny of a dictatorial unionist who cost Wairarapa the Waingawa Freezing Works.


  • Great to see that you’ve found your excellent journalistic mojo once again Redbaiter. Keep the pressure on Ardern and her bunch of useful idiots. The wicked witch is visibly ageing everyday as she lies her way into Hell …. Ooohhh sweet justice


  • It’s hard to know if its only incompetence within the team. Was the team designed to be useless, inexperienced and foolish self confidence so they could be controlled and prodded in the right direction.