Judith Collins versus the fake media

There is a stark difference between Jacinda Ardern refusing to be interviewed by NewstalkZB’s Mike Hosking, and Judith Collins deciding to pull out of interviews with Radio NZ (Susie Ferguson) and Newshub (Tova O’Brien).

In the case of Ardern she is the Prime Minister, not the leader of the opposition. She therefore has to be much more accountable. Secondly, the reason the PM preferred not to be interviewed by Hosking was obviously because he asked her hard questions about policy.

After refusing to appear with Hosking, Ardern turned up on other shows answering questions about her Trade Me purchases and playing infantile games, making it clear what the real reason was for ending a twenty year tradition. (see video)

Judith Collins on the other hand is complaining because Ferguson and O’Brien will not talk about policy but are intent on driving the narrative that she must resign or that a leadership challenge is imminent, and this is all they can talk about. They’ve badgered her on this for all of the year.

Anyone foolish enough to listen to Radio NZ and the Scottish Communist Susie Ferguson knows that she has never interviewed the opposition leader without her political bias and open contempt for Collins being the most standout feature of every such discussion. Ferguson’s lack of professional objectivity is more annoying because she’s being paid by the taxpayer, and therefore has an increased responsibility to be impartial.

Tova O’Brien is much the same with the small difference that her animus against Collins is more personal than political. She also works for a private company, and therefore is not under quite the same degree of obligation to be objective as Ferguson. Nevertheless her company has accepted generous grants from the Ardern govt, so on a moral basis, this should make O’Brien a little more circumspect in her behaviour. It doesn’t though.

O’Brien is now arguing that Collins won’t talk about the things that matter. Yet in yesterday’s presser, Tova was heard screeching endlessly over the rest of the press gallery. While they were asking questions about policy, all Tova wanted to ask about was a challenge by Simon Bridges.

Ferguson too said she wanted to ask Collins about personnel changes among her staff. Again, this is not a matter pressing to the multitude of NZers reeling under Covid restrictions and losing their jobs, income and businesses through vaguely substantiated lockdowns.

Ferguson and O’Brien both obsessively want to see Collins replaced as leader of the opposition, (each for slightly different reasons) but are both being completely unprofessional in allowing this neurosis to over ride any presumption of journalistic objectivity.

Collins has every right to refuse to be interviewed by psychoneurotic bitchy lefty fake newsers if she wants to, and she should do it more often.

If news media management hadn’t been completely infiltrated by the left, neither Tova O’Brien or Susie Ferguson would ever measure up as real journalists, and if said management ever decided to return to responsible, balanced and objective reporting, these two would be the first to lose their jobs.

Video below (from a couple of years ago) shows Tova O’Brien’s obsessive two year campaign to undermine Simon Bridges as National Party leader. She’s now doing the same with Judith Collins, and working with the same destabilising left wing forces within National. (Ms Collins should deal with left media confident Erica Stanford as she dealt with Todd Muller.)


  • Thanks RB… I am puzzled as to why (probably) intelligent people are so drawn to such fakery. I know they are paid for media, but they are so lacking in integrity but don’t seem to see it.
    Like a cult. A sociologists dream Phd project. Why?

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    • Yes they are a cult, or at least the worst example of group think. See the video of them attacking Judith Collins in the side bar. Like jackals. Totally mindless.

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      • If everyone did as many of my colleagues and myself by not supporting advertisers in these media outlets when purchasing expensive goods, making it known to them why they have gone elsewhere, even imported with a wait, surely they will curtail their advertising contracts when turrnover drops. Woke losers supporting left-wing promoters of communism are not buyers . . . just leeches.

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        • igm- Agree 100%. As Andrew Torba says, we have to start setting up separate financial systems and stop sending any revenue or support to places where the left can turn it to their advantage. Also, one of the easiest things to do is to stop linking to them. Kiwiblog General Debate for example is full of links to MSM sites. Why the hell drive traffic to their outlets when you profess to hate them?

          Here’s somewhere worth linking to- https://bobmccoskrie.com/?p=27981 Go there and check out his video on the media favorites Jacinda always calls at her news conferences when its time for questions. Its all such a huge political scam and these cowardly sycophantic fake newsers are all a part of it. No pride in their profession at all.


  • To be honest I hate the sight of Tova’s face just as much as Aderns. If I ever have the misfortune to read a paper with her face in it I cover it up. They make me sick, both fakes and high self opinionated bitches


  • Anyone really paying attention to trivialities of NZ MSM fake news? Whatever National is doing is a sideshow. It would help if they could run so much as a basic cost of living campaign.
    Effects from this government take a while to flow through into the economic system. That is when the discontent starts.
    Look at fuel averaging $2.25/L with oil at only $70/barrel and NZDUSD at 0.71.
    Whats going to happen if oil is at USD$90 and NZDUSD at 0.63.
    Combined with any interest rate pressure on the massive mortgage belt and you suddenly have a problem.