The Utter Insidious Evil of the NZ Mainstream Media

Whereas they may provide occasional token disagreement with the Labour govt for the purposes of propriety, the New Zealand mainstream media is umbilically connected to the ideology of the left. Especially that part that encompasses Marxist progressivism, or the idea of the new society, and this connection permeates every news item they produce.

Not happy just to silence opposition voices, the worst part of the new left is their determination to personally destroy anyone who opposes their ideas, and the NZ media embrace this tactic with enthusiasm. The most recent example is their vicious and hateful campaign against the leader of the National Party, Judith Collins.

This blog has never had much time for Judith Collins. She is far too left wing liberal herself. However it not really about Ms Collins anymore. Its about the political activism of a corrupted media who have completely abandoned any commitment to the traditional professional objectivity that should act as a cornerstone of our democracy.

Media manufactured an entirely false narrative around a Judith Collins interview with TV One race/ gender hire presenter Indira Stewart

The bare faced arrogance and bias of the attacks on Ms Collins would make any real journalist cringe in embarrassment, but in insular NZ, with all opposing forces excluded from the debate, their partisan behaviour goes virtually unchallenged. At the moment they are using the device of polling as a tool to seal Collin’s fate. Here’s how it works.

Wait for the victim (Collins) to put her head above the parapet and then manufacture a false narrative around what she said. Examples- 1) breakfast TV interview with amateur gender race hire “reporter”, and 2) criticism a few days ago of pink haired weirdo lefty narcissist. Give this false narrative maximum daily coverage for a week or more, then take a poll.

Hey wow, look at that! Ms Collins’s waning popularity has waned even further. The very poll result they have engineered is then presented by the fake media as proof Collins is unsuitable for the job and needs to be replaced.

To summarise, these deceitful fake media/ left wing activists drive down a politician’s popularity with fake stories, and then use the resulting poor polling figures to sustain and double down on their attacks.

Their overall idea driving their deceit is to replace Collins with someone much more in tune with their own progressive ideology. That someone is Christopher Luxon, the ex-CEO of Air NZ, a man so out of touch with the reality of today’s political conflicts that he actually boasted of his corporate wokeness in his maiden political speech.

Newshub employee Zane Small wrote an opinion piece purporting to be a “fact check” and smearing Sky News journalist Andrew Bolt

However, it gets much worse. Media are even attacking colleagues who stray from the Marxist plantation. At the weekend, Zane Small of Newshub wrote a piece arrogantly entitled “Fact-check of Sky News Australia segment warning of ‘apartheid’ in New Zealand.” A far left fake newser doing a “fact check”. For God’s Sake, how detached from reality can these imbeciles get?

The segment in question was an Andrew Bolt interview with Ms Muriel Newman of the NZ Center for Political Research which addressed the issue of the He PuaPua report. Ms Newman is an effective critic of Jacinda Ardern and therefore persona non grata in the NZ media. Like many others (Amy Brook for example) Ms Newman has to go overseas to have her voice heard.

Zane Small’s article was stridently defensive of Ardern. It was not any kind of fact check but rather an opinion check, full of wild assertions and partisan interpretations designed primarily to smear Muriel Newman and Andrew Bolt, rather than address any real inaccuracies.

How bad is it when the NZ media prefer to write attacks on other journalists rather than report the news objectively themselves? Real bad. This is exactly how Venezuela sunk to the depths it has. Its not that there was no opposition to the destructive ideas of Hugo Chavez, (Venezuela’s version of Jacinda Ardern) but that the opposition had no voice.

Judith Collins accused govt Covid “expert” Souxie Wiles of failing to comply with masking protocols she had instructed other citizens to follow

As Conservative author Peter Hitchens said on Twitter “A country where the media attack the Opposition rather than the government is a country where freedom is under threat.” Ironically the opposition he was talking about then was Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour, but its the principle that matters.

A corrupted and partisan media are crippling NZ’s electoral choices. Until we get a party prepared to face these despicable fakes down, (and its never going to be National under Luxon) NZers will be denied a functioning democracy, and this country’s disastrous Venezuelan trajectory will remain in place.


  • Bang on the money and sooo frustrating… And they’re being paid with taxpayers money … corruption !!!

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    • The best policy is to ask questions – often laced with ridicule. For example why does MSM still have a ‘Business’ section. Surely now it should be renamed the ‘Corporate Welfare’ section. And why would one find good business advice from an outlet that sold for less than an item in a $2 store?

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  • The Government has released around 25% of the prison population and we have the lowest prison population in something like 30 years and the media hasn’t reported this. The social implications are becoming very noticeable and Ardern is using a handful of Australian 501s as the scapegoats rather than draw attention to her own policies. A friend commented to me the other day that Tony Blair left a wasteland in the UK and Jacinda Ardern’s legacy will be the same.

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    • I am eagerly awaiting the day when a early released criminal commits crime directly impacting on one of these left-wing greasy MPs or their immediate family. What these deadbeat MPs don’t realise, criminals are not selective in whom they upset when stealing or physically attacking, to obtain money or goods to satisfy their disgusting self-entitled needs.

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  • Thanks Redbaiter ….. another excellent piece that absolutely nails it. NZ is well down the slippery slope now and we’re sliding head-long into a very dark abyss.

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  • To be honest i don’t think i have watched main stream TV for years, i do this to avoid seeing any adverts that support the channels. We can hit them in the pocket by turning off and never even have the TV on stand bye on enemedia channels. The advertisers will have to go else where if we are not looking. This includes Stuff and other fake news outlets, not one click.

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    • If buying anything of value, I make sure they do not advertise in Stuff/MZME products, also ask the retailer if they use MSM for promotions. If they do, I tell them no, and the reason. It is a left-wing attitude, but the only way I can get at the communist providers of lies.

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  • Oh and this is off topic but i wanted to get it about, here is a real journalist doing his job and exposing the fraud in the ccp virus scam. This is the first in a series. PART 1: Federal Govt HHS Whistleblower Goes Public With Secret Recordings “Vaccine is Full of Sh*t”

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  • Time for National to take a strong look at leadership. What would be wrong with Andrew Bayly and Shane Reti in the drivers’ seats? Not to overlook ridding the party of Goodfellow and his cohorts . . . they cannot keep floundering along as they are!


  • Thanks again RB for your efforts. I realise it must get a bit wearing, but your work is appreciated by many.

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  • Journalism is listed as the 200th preferred career in a list of 200 careers. Society has cast these modern Jezebels to the bottom of the barrel. Do not worship them. Give them no heed. They have no power here. The power we give them is entirely a spell.

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  • Great article. So true. and, It is so obvious but thinking people few notice or seem to care.