Inside National’s left faction, and the ongoing plot to dump Judith Collins

Those of us who wish to see the end of the Ardern govt would likewise like to see some stability in National, and although Ms Collins is working hard to hold it all together, it will surprise many if she makes it to the next election as leader. The party is just too infiltrated by liberals who would indeed be better suited ideologically to Labour.

So what is the thinking that prevails in the left faction of the National Party? How can they reason their way to removing Collins and replacing her with the communist media’s favourite and head of Jacinda’s business advisory council, Christopher Luxon?

Christopher Luxon is seen as someone who will attract voters to the party who will never vote for Judith Collins

The word is that the conservative wing of the National party is defeated, being down on the numbers and therefore lacking power to put the party back on the trajectory it should be on. Collins remains as leader only because her replacement would be seen as a serious blow to the mission to reassert themselves as a stable party. However, the National left are determined it is going to happen.

That is why there were rumours of Collins being dislodged this weekend. The LynnMall terrorist attack provided the perfect cover, but in fact it was only a rumour, or perhaps a dry run in preparation for the next convenient media distraction.

Then there is the political reasoning that provides the underpinning for Ms Collins to be replaced. The liberals in the party feel that center left voters will never vote for Collins. So they seek her replacement, most likely with the wet woke Luxon. Then they will take National even further left than it is today and vacuum up all of those voters that will not vote for Collins, but just might vote for Luxon.

The ACT party and David Seymour will mop up the votes of National supporters disaffected by Luxon taking the leadership

So it is goodbye to Sid Holland’s principles, and the Nats now become the National Party in name only and will be today on the overall political spectrum about where Labour was in the 1970/80s before Clark took control in the 90s.

So what happens to disaffected right wing voters? They go to ACT, and the Nats are quite happy for this to occur, as they see the above strategy as the only way back to power given the entrenched left wing political mood of New Zealand today. They see a coalition of National, ACT and possibly Winston Peters as providing the best odds to dislodge Ardern and return the Nats to power.

Please keep in mind this blog does not necessarily agree with any of the plan mapped out above. It merely a report on the inner workings of the party (as told by an insider) and the reasoning behind the move to dump Collins and replace her with left wing media favourite Luxon.

The irony of all this is that even if one does accept it as a reasoned and effective plan, the fact that much of New Zealand is a soaking wet left wing swamp is actually down to the Nat’s utter failure over the last few decades to do what was needed to reverse this trend. Instead they helped Labour turn this country into a leftist mire, and now the only plan they can come up with is to give up on Sid Holland’s ideas completely.

Winston peters is seen as the back up option, or fall back plan, if the Nats and ACT don’t get enough votes on their own

Whatever happens, the key fact is that the left have New Zealand in a vice like grip, and have a good chance of winning in 2023 as long as Jacinda Ardern can keep to plan and continue to fool most of the people most of the time. Especially with NZ’s democracy so crippled by a partisan media.

It says a lot about the fighting abilities of the National Party that the only winning strategy they can see is to make themselves more like Labour. Might be a win for National Party politicians desperate to sit on the govt benches, but pretty sure it won’t be a win for NZ’s non-left voters.


  • It is not a partisan press, it being a bought press adhering to guidelines drafted by Ardern and her spin journos, paid for by taxpayers. It is surely bordering on misappropriation of our money and should be scrutinised.
    By the way what is the story with Mallard’s defamation case?


  • If they dump Collins the party is finished. And if they allow NZ to be destroyed by Adern I would never vote for them, even if they went full on hard right. Trators only deserve one thing.

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  • There is such a quagmire off crap weighing down our beautiful New Zealand, from a serious lack of intelligent leadership and an openly lying totally non-transparent government, to a corrupt and partisan media, to the lies and propaganda around climate change, to the wu flu scam,,,,the list is so long I am bound to have missed something. But the biggest threat to our future as a democratic nation at this point in time, is that of the drive for separatism coming from the maori caucus and wholly endorsed by this marxist government. If Judith Collins ups the ante on this, and joins forces with David Seymour who I believe is doing a sterling job on this issue, it will be bye-bye Cindy next election. One last thing, we are New Zealand: have I made my point?

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  • :
    Who would blame them for disregarding New Zealand? Look at the apparition representing us . . .
    Would terrify the most hardened Taliban!


  • Hi RB… Are you still with us? I’m concerned you have joined Cactus Kate.

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