Maori radicals wearing pseudo-Army uniforms at Covid-19 checkpoints

Media have a story this morning about Maori radicals wanting boaties blocked from entering “places where we live”. They argue that as they are successfully blocking roads on the basis of policing Covid-19 restrictions they should be doing the same with boats that have been observed entering northern harbours.

They also report that boaties have been seen leaving boats docked at Great Barrier island and “going shopping”. They appear to view these events as some kind of breach of territorial rights, even though the lands and waters are public places.

Northland checkpoint displaying Maori flags and people wearing pseudo-army uniforms

The New Zealand Police, lead by Jacinda’s hand picked Commissioner Coster, appear to have conceded that radical Maori can form groups and act as de-facto police. Licensing this aberration in law by saying as long as one real Police person is present, the groups have authority.

However there is much more to this story, that is reported by video only and has no accompanying text. The video shows scenes of people dressed in uniforms very like Army fatigues manning road blocks in Northland.

At the barriers they fly the emblem that is commonly referred to as the Maori flag. A casual observer might see the scene as a border where travelers are passing from one country to another.

This seems to be a bit beyond the needs of a simple Covid-19 checking station. What is the purpose of the ersatz Army uniforms and the flags?

A traveler is turned back at the checkpoint by personnel wearing what appear to be army uniforms

The video also shows a Covid-19 testing station in Northland where a Maori party billboard presumably left over from the election still stands prominently. Close to the signs identifying the Covid-19 testing station.

Most councils have regulations governing election signage that aligns with the Electoral Act, restricting it to nine weeks before the election, and the signs must be taken down the day before the election.

Its not known if the video shows the sign as it currently stands, but if so, why is the election hoarding still standing and at a Covid-19 testing station?

It all gives the impression that it is not so much about health but making a political statement that would seem inappropriate at the least given the pressing medical urgency of the situation. It appears to be primarily a dry run for a radical Maori take over, or sovereignty, if not the real thing disguised as a Covid-19 measure.

Maori Party election hoarding at Covid-19 testing station

One must assume this is all tolerated as part of the Labour govt’s surrender to its Maori caucus and the intent of the He Puapua document, basically a blueprint for a separatist Maori govt.

If it isn’t, well the govt needs to do something, because it sure looks that way.

(The so called Maori Party is not representative of Maori in NZ. Of the 400,000 estimated Maori population only 10% took the option of voting for the Maori seat system that granted the Party seats in parliament at a proportion that greatly exceeds that of other list parties confined to the general roll. The Maori Party received two seats in parliament for 1.2% of the overall vote. All other parties must breach the 5% threshold before they are awarded seats.)

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  • How much of this racist maori crap are taxpayers expected to take?
    It is time for those supporting this type of bullshit to awake and look at the long-term damage that is occurring thanks to woke weak dangerous government. Ardern and her UN ambitions have damaged us beyond repair and we must start to take our country back, starting with banning anything that supports media such as major advertisers and the like. It is not hard to identify the large number of brainwashed businesses still supprting “Stuff”, NZME, Newhshub, etc. We taxpayers hold the buying power for their goods, not the deadbeat wokes that media are playing to..