They told us themselves, and we did not listen

Talkback host Peter Williams suddenly parted company with Magic Talk radio this morning. You can bet your house its because of some issue regarding what he wanted to say or report on the LynnMall terrorist attack.

Here is a little story. A Kuwaiti prince was interviewed around ten years ago and asked why his country refused to take Muslim refugees from Syria and other war torn parts of the world. His words are notable for their simplicity and honesty, and also that they are totally unaffected by wokeness.

He laid it out straight and true, (see video) and the West should have listened. Especially his words on “people suffering trauma”, which is the very excuse we are hearing today from media to justify the LynnMall attacks. As they have been used in almost every such case.

Whereas when some obviously psychotic lunatic callously guns down scores of defenseless people, the same odious and deceitful media tell us without a skerrick of irony he is part of a widespread global movement that is deeply embedded in NZ society and that we should be deeply afraid.

When Muslim countries refuse to accept these people why does the West do so? The answer is simple.

We are governed by posturing fools who care more for their own political ambitions than they do for the people they claim to represent.

Video- even the Muslims tried to tell us of our folly, yet we refused to listen.

All across the West today, there exists a massive gulf of trust and culture between the government and the governed. We’re being ruled by deceitful self promoting incompetents, who have managed by their expertise in scheming to isolate themselves from the reality of our contempt for them.

And now they work assiduously to shut down bit by bit by bit every avenue by which they can be criticised. While the people we generously but foolishly allowed into our free and stable countries now work to disunite these countries, and attack the freedoms that enable us to offer them refuge, and join with the left in promoting such vile anti-human concepts as “hate speech”.

Arrogantly demanding that we change our age old and valued traditions of personal liberty to suit their stone age sensibilities. They are visitors and newcomers here but seek to become our masters.

Poor Mr Williams did his best to get along, by being very mild and restrained in his criticisms, but even that is not good enough for today’s ruling class, that evil conglomerate of “progressive” politicians and their vile comrades who have taken over what once was a functioning media and a functioning democracy. They demand complete subjugation.

The one big success these horrible people have had is in dulling the senses of a large sector of the voters who have still to be awakened to the stitch up. Every one of us must use every available communication resource to wake these people from their slumbers.

Remember the words of regret of dissident Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn when he spoke of the weakness of the Russian population in succumbing to the Soviet Communist Police State

“We simply deserved everything that befell us afterwards, for we didn’t love freedom enough!”


  • As always well said Red

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  • Can we not have and use a better word than “progressive?” I’ll wager they chose that label themselves, too. Progress towards what, I wonder? Don’t answer that!

    How about, “reprobatives?” Opprobriatives? Malevolentives? Malignatives?

    Nah. Just evil sods hybridised with useful idiots.


    • Hear what you’re saying, but its a word that (AFAIK) has its origins in Marxist language. Karl Marx himself coined the word to describe his ideas, and it was used a lot by Lenin and Trotsky and Stalin. Trouble is that was way back in the mid nineteenth early twentieth centuries so those ideas could hardly be described as progressive today right?

      However the left still cling to the word because its an effective propaganda device. I use it because like every such word the left pervert the meaning of, if used often enough it will eventually come to mean the opposite- ie regressive. Which is actually what Marxist ideas are today in the 21st century.

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    • I also find the use of “Progressive” by these communist\UN leeches as abuse of English, not unlike the use “Gay” denoting weirdos\perverts.

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  • Only in mild mannered NZ could Peter Williams be considered a radical talkback host.
    We’ve gone softer than a packet of marshmallows left in the hot sun. So soft its not even a physical state anymore, more like a liquid.
    Maybe that’s why NZ now has to shut the borders, because we might get exposed to a scary ideas from out in the real world.

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  • So after Brenton Tarrant was immediately labelled a ‘white supremacist terrorist’ by the woke NZ media, they will no doubt refer to this latest nut-job as a ‘black supremacist terrorist’……? No? Yeah, didn’t think so. OK then perhaps we can look forward to Paddy Gower giving this latest ‘hate inspired crime’ the same snivelling Gower documentary treatment then…? Oh look – flying pigs.

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    • He sure as hell will not be referred to as a muslim terrorist (trained by Islamists in a mosque) . . . . our apology for a PM even brings in ISIS brides and family, giving them 4-star living standards. Cannot see why those she supposedly represents are not complaining about her taking their places in the housing queue! Sick and tired of hearing MSM running the Labour narrative regarding this latest “Stuff” up.

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  • Stab man was being stalked by NZ spies for years, goading him, deliberately. They wanted the fruit loop to pop. It’s how they try to rule. Fear.

    Good men quitting the journo field, going Galt, is passive aggressive. Bit like the conservative movement copying labour and implementing their insanities better than Labour. It’s a spiritual battle. The lost cause is a Ancient virtue. Away from TV, effeminate commies & Intelligence Services (lol)


  • Has Peter Williams resigned – has he gone for good? He s one of the last 2-3 thinking people in NZ media. Sad we will miss his clear insights.