Diversity is Terror

10:26 PM Article updated with video below.

Six New Zealanders innocently going about their daily business were stabbed yesterday and three are fighting for their lives in hospital. Why? The big picture answer is that our society has been hypnotised en masse by the anti-white mantra “diversity is strength”.

Message from Imam of the Christchurch Mosque is decidedly political rather than commiserating

However the deceitful propaganda agents that pose as our mainstream media have already decided upon a narrative that will ignore this reality and claim the law is at fault. Its another indication of something even worse than mass hypnosis, and that is widespread Jim Jones/ Salem witches style mental illness.

How sick does a society have to get before it regains its sanity? Pretty sick apparently. Countdown’s reaction as detailed below shows just how far from reality our society has drifted-

In a statement released this afternoon, Countdown spokesperson Kiri Hannifin said the company had made the decision to temporarily remove all knives and scissors from its shelves “while we consider whether we should continue to sell them”.

Media is promoting the narrative that we need to change the law in a manner that was proposed after the bungled release of the Urewera terrorists in 2007. Training in the remote Urewera ranges for a Castro/ Cuba style insurgency operation in NZ, the group was put under Police surveillance and eventually arrested.

In a finding that horrified the arresting police, and threatened mass resignations in the force, the case against the alleged terrorist groups was thrown out on the grounds that they were only planning for a guerilla war and hadn’t actually done anything at the time of arrest. This is the gap the regulators speak of and that they want closed. However as a country, we have been hesitant to make this step because of its impact upon personal liberty.

Police surveillance video of alleged terrorist training group in Urewera Ranges 2007. People apprehended are now in our parliament and also helped Newshub’s Paddy Gower produce his “On Hate” program last week

If you agree with this law change, as the National Party now say they do, then for the sake of a civilized and free society, stop and think. (ACT are opposed)

The current illegitimate ruling class is obsessed with wiping out every opinion they don’t like and cancelling every person that expresses any such opinions. Do you really want to give such dark degenerate forces another arrow for their bow? The power to arrest and jail people for a crime that the govt claims they were thinking of? Its not only crazy, it is also massively dangerous.

The ruling class’s first reaction to the New Lynn attack is to try and equate Islamic terrorism with what they call white nationalism. Why?

Because they see it as another means to shut down any opinion that challenges the diversity is strength mantra. Instead of perceived rebels having their social media accounts cancelled, their bank accounts closed, and being fired from their jobs, they’ll now be jailed as well.

The alleged offender at LynnMall, a devotee of the Islamic state, had been in jail for three years awaiting trial on charges that allowed a ten year jail penalty. After conviction he was released on a “time served” basis and given an insane sentence that allowed him back on the streets under the “care” of the local mosque.

Subversive anti-white media campaigner Patrick Gower and his lapdog “terrorism experts” couldn’t have been more wrong about the source of NZ’s next terrorist attack.

This was even after his attitude in court lacked any sign of remorse, and he was facing further charges of attacking prison officers. Why wasn’t the full ten year sentence imposed? Because “diversity is strength”. Now six New Zealanders are injured and three of them are fighting for their lives as a sacrifice to this insane doctrine.

The law change that is being pushed by the ruling class is already in Select Committee and only has a seven year maximum jail sentence. This is less than the ten year maximum of the charge he was convicted of (possessing terrorist material on how to conduct “lone wolf” attacks) so its doubtful it would have made any difference to the liberal judge who let the terrorist back on the streets anyway.

So what is the real issue and how do we fix it? Its not about making laws stronger and reducing our traditional liberties. We need to face the reality that the current illegitimate ruling class is conducting a subversive war on whites. The attacker ran past shoppers of other ethnicities to stab white people, (see video below) and he did this because of the propaganda war being waged on social media, in the mainstream media, and sadly in our own government against white New Zealanders.

Givealittle page set up by Christchurch Mosque group to fund victims of LynnMall terrorist attack. Its sure to grow in value as time goes by.

After recognising this is the problem, we need real solutions and not the same old make believe insanity as has prevailed for two decades or more. Diversity is not a strength. It is a problem. We made a terrible mistake, and we need to think hard about how to put it right.

It is perhaps admirable that the Christchurch mosque has started a Givealittle fund for the LynnMall victims. There are an estimated 60,000 Muslims in New Zealand, our fastest growing religion. At the time of writing the fund sits at $10,917 and it appears much of this has been donated from the non-Muslim community. Millions in donations and subsidies were poured into the mosque’s coffers after the tragedy they suffered. Maybe some of that could find its way to the LynnMall Givealittle page.

It is also notable that some remnants of the Urewera group are in our parliament today, and worse, assisted Newshub’s Paddy Gower in the preparation of his banal and sickening program entitled “On Hate” last week. How much influence did this program have on the Islamic state terrorist’s actions at LynnMall?

The first step in returning this country to sanity must surely lie in holding the degenerate subversives who pose as our media to account, and in rejecting their self serving and false narrative that a law change would have stopped this sad event. The Police were right there at the scene for God’s sake. (and kudos to them for their bravery and fast reactions).

(It could easily have been much worse, and we should note that the 24/7 surveillance operation was a Police initiative, and was not ordered by the courts.)

Update- Video wherein witness contradicts PM Ardern and Police Commissioner Coster’s claims that the terrorist was not targeting white New Zealanders.


  • The most sickening thing about this is the totally-empty and contrary-to-the-fact posturing by comrade Cindy and vacuous imams that the terrorist was – somehow – not an Islamic terrorist at all. No – he was apparently some ISIS-inspired mongrel hybrid.

    Will someone please explain to comrade Cindy and the other empty-heads that the first word in the abbreviation ISIS is ISLAMIC!

    But wave your hand in front of their eyes, first. They may be brain-dead so you’d be wasting your time.

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    • I take unbrage being confronted with continuous pics of the harridan Ardern on Tv and media in general. It is bad enough that she is what we once referred to as a huckery hag, but her vile and destructive politics puts her in the category of a traitor to New Zealand. This attack in Auckland sits in her lap, and looking at the attitude of her regarding muslims per se’, there will be lot more. She and her woke government are past their use by date.


  • Thanks Redbaiter…. The NL stabbing was the perfect catalyst for the left narrative ….


  • It should also be pointed out this government has spent the entire time criticising and lecturing Australia for deporting their scumbags. Now we are playing a game of semantics in not naming who he was. The real question should be why was he still here and requiring all this monitoring in the first place?

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  • https://www.jihadwatch.org/
    It’s a War Coming to NEW ZEALAND

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  • It would be good if someone in the media would simply interview a legal expert. It’s obvious that the judiciary failed New Zealand. Not only was the terrorist currently released on bail facing a charge of Intent to Injure (a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison), but he had repeatedly offended in regard to objectionable material (also a maximum of 10 years in prison).

    How the hell was he was allowed out on bail after breaking a Corrections Officer’s jaw? That in itself shows how violent the man was, let alone his threats to carry out a knife attack.

    A Supervision sentence is what shoplifters and drink drivers are given so that probation can “keep an eye on them”. That even the terrorist’s lawyers were bargaining for Intensive Supervision and electronic monitoring shows how wrong the Judge got it. What about the police immediately deciding to monitor the terrorist 24/7? Not a sign that someone had got it wrong?

    I simply don’t buy it that everything was done to keep New Zealanders safe. Our judiciary has been ordered to reduce the prison population via sentencing, and now innocent New Zealanders have been attacked by a disturbed individual as a consequence.

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    • You’re pretty much correct in all you say. However if you read critics of the left wing, (Horowitz for example) or alternatively, the left themselves, (Alinsky), all of the events you are concerned with are understandable.

      The key point to remember is that the left over time wants to deconstruct our society and re-construct according to their own plan. This is not what the left might term “conspiracy theory nonsense”, its fact and as I say above, its written in numerous left wing manifestos.

      So they seek to reduce our society to chaos, to make every function dysfunctional, until it all breaks down whereupon they can take full power because they’re organised to do so.

      So as left wingers or their ideology have infiltrated every institution, so has the justice system been infiltrated. They do not want it to work, for a dysfunctional justice system is key to a dysfunctional society.

      That’s why the same thing is happening in the USA and the UK. Its an international playbook. (Police forces too are always a target of the revolutionary left.)

      Whether the judges and associated people in the justice system realise this or not doesn’t matter, because they’re either on board with it or being manipulated. The Justice system is deliberately dysfunctional and will only become worse unless we can remove the influence of the left from every public institution.

      That is the only solution. Don’t ask me how to do that in the immediate future, for I don’t have a full plan. Stop voting and supporting parties/ politicians that enable it is one thing we can easily do.

      The other thing is just to understand what the core issue is. Don’t put it down to bad management. Its deliberate, and being driven by forces that are mainly rooted in academia. Getting the left out of our educational institutions (universities especially) is the most important step to renewing our country.

      Read this post for further understanding. Socialist International, where Jacinda learnt her trade, is a Trotskyist organisation. https://theredbaiter.com/2021/05/06/jacinda-ardern-leon-trotsky-the-father-of-international-socialism/

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      • I wonder how accurate this is . . .

        Mon, 6 Sep 2021

        Yesterday Ardern announced to New Zealanders that the Crown and the Police did everything they could to lock the New Lynn Countdown Isis terrorist up but the law prevented this. She then went on to say that the High Court refused to convict and imprison him on planning a terrorist attack.

        What she didn’t say however was that the High Court Judge who made that decision was so concerned that the law was inadequate (because planning a terrorist attack was not an offence in New Zealand and wouldn’t allow him to imprison this man) that in a rare move he requested High Court staff to send his judgment to the Attorney General, the Solicitor General and the Law Commission with this advice.

        That was in July 2020.
        The Judge went so far as to specifically warn government that the lack of adequate legislation meant that there was a serious threat to public safety from ‘lone wolf’ attacks particularly since the Christchurch terror attack. He said parliament needed to create the offence as the courts did not have the power to do this. And what is so sadly ironic is that his specific warning to government which related to a specific defendant before him was exactly what this same man did.

        The warning was given to government over 13 months ago and yet as we are now getting so used to, this Ardern led government is just too slow at doing anything unless it suits their specific political agenda.

        Yes they will make excuse after excuse about how long it takes to get legislation drafted and into law but in this case those excuses are total rubbish. This is a simple addition to current law that could have been made in a month and moved into law under urgency. Proof of this is the fact it took them less than a month to change the Firearms laws after the Christchurch terror attack. Australia and the UK already have this ‘planning a terrorist act’legislation and New Zealand could simply have adopted their wording.

        Labour had the numbers to do it alone even though there would be no objection from National and Act for tougher terrorist laws. Further Arderns latest excuse that this legislation could not be exercised retrospectively is also irrelevant as the Police and SIS’s belief that this man was planning a terrorist action had not gone away and they would have been perfectly able to lay new charges if the law was in place. Instead, because the government was so slow at getting the law changed, Police had some 30 officers involved in surveillance on him. This is absolutely absurd they had to do this because the required law change had not been made.

        Having 30 Police involved in watching this man 24/7 meant they totally believed he was planning a terrorist act.

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        • IIRC, there is an army guy in jail for allegedly being a white supremacist, and he has been in jail now for more than a year. We don’t hear a thing from our putrid media on how this compares to the treatment of the LynnMall terrorist.

          So the alleged white supremacist is locked up and likely to face a kangaroo court and be sentenced to years of incarceration, yet real terrorists are walking free on our streets and of course it comes to the expected conclusion.

          Our govts are corrupt and incompetent, the worst combination.

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    • Precisely, but who is going to ask the questions? Not NZ MSM who have been paid off to not ask questions.
      You won’t be seeing any accountability from NZ Immigration either.
      And the operative question is how many others are out there?

      The government response is we were gunna change the law, just like they were gunna eradicate child poverty, gunna build more houses, gunna build a light rail, gunna balance the budget.

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  • Diversity and Equality have failure built into them. They just don’t work. The more diversity and equality get implemented, the quicker the advocates fail. It’s a rejection of natural law and human nature. Anyone with half a second of reality experience, know by practise, that all people are different and unequal across the board.


  • Now, Redbaiter, where did I read somewhere that nothing creates chaos on a global scale more effectively than the release of a “pandemic”?