Time to end Jacinda’s sick patronizing “team of five million” propaganda

A big part of the Ardern govt’s foolish plan to eradicate Covid-19 through lockdowns was her constant use of the propaganda term “team of five million”. The use of the word “team” is a known psychological ploy used in the pursuit of uniformity. Jacinda and her advisors know this. They latched on to the phrase to help them secure conformity and submission during their flawed business destroying strategies.

Stuff editorial. The “news” outlet has so far received over $6 million in wage subsidies, not counting other payments from Ardern’s $55 million Public Journalism Fund.

The media know this too, and its why they were happy to publicize the phrase at every opportunity. Assisting with like versions such as “we’re all in this together”.

We’re not all in this together. Its nonsense. There is in fact a massive divide between those receiving subsidies, or working for entities that have not shut down, and the traders who have lost their businesses and the workers who have lost their jobs.

Take TV One for example. During the shutdowns, their audience has been increased by bored viewers with nothing better to do than watch the taxpayer funded mush they produce (through Creative NZ) and subject themselves to an unending stream of banal commercials. They made a $60 million operating profit this financial year, and their staff were all paid bonuses of $2000.

Similarly politicians and bureaucrats, who number somewhere around 600,000 all up, have been receiving full salary for the whole time of the shutdowns. Except for a short period when a few politicians agreed to take a 10% voluntary cut, but that soon faded away. In fact we’re not even sure any of them actually did take up the chance to show solidarity with NZ workers.

ABC Melbourne Drive Time host Raphael Esptein was astonished at public support for a caller he cut off

In Australia one of the most hated organisations is the Australian Broadcasting Commission. Once a public service to all Australians it is today a vile propaganda device for the left, and a place where overpaid bigoted fat cat commies get to advocate for their tragically outdated ideology using the taxpayer dime.

With a budget of over a billion dollars, its a bit like Radio New Zealand and TV One on steroids. They also use the “we are all in this together” refrain to support their leftist Premieres who have been busy shutting down their states with the same flawed ambition as Jacinda Ardern

Raphael Esptein is a typical ABC communist, and he’d have to be to host a drive time show in the lost decrepit city of Stalingrad Melbourne. Yesterday he received a call on his show from a listener named Mark, who in a most articulate manner told Comrade Epstein that he was tired of hearing the “we are all in this together” propaganda.

Mark sounded like what is called in Australia a “battler” and he told the host how he had “lost everything” due to the shutdowns and was now living in his car. The fat cat overpaid ABC host faded Mark out and then cut him off.

LISTEN: Audio of Mark’s call to Raphael Esptein

No sympathy from the ABC. Just a “get out of here loser, I’m fine on my $200,000 taxpayer salary”. However Mr Epstein was surprised to find public sentiment firmly on Mark’s side, and against him for cutting the caller off. Epstein said he cut him off because he sensed the caller was about to lapse into profanity.

The incident highlighted to many the gap between those who have been creaming it during the “crisis”, such as media, govt sector and politicians, and those who are suffering because there is no taxpayer funded buffer between them and economic reality.

The above incident may have occurred in Australia, but the sentiments it revealed are just as appropriate to New Zealand and Jacinda (salary $470,000) and her media comrades need to shut the hell up with their selfish propaganda term “team of five million”. Its just another self serving manipulative lie.


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  • We are 5 million gulag prisoners. And the whole Gulag experiment failed when the inmates started fighting back. The Informers network, the priest level Organ leadership, and the entire communist experiment, eventually collapsed once the revolts within the camps began.

    Russian school teachers have wisely put “the gulag archipelago” in their syllabus.

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  • If there were a stronger verb than hate, it would surely would not be strong enough to project feelings for Ardern and her scum government. Seeing businessmen and women on the verge of breakdowns daily, maori getting medical preference, non-woke men losing positions in media, terrorists welcomed here with gay abandon, lazy useless bludgers filling motels, and taxpayers treated like third-rate citizens . . . had enough!