Vainglorious Ardern scare mongering on Covid-19 to distract from govt failures

Would anyone but the most hardened cynic think the reason Jacinda Ardern fronts almost every press conference on the Covid-19 “crisis” is because she wants to smokescreen her govt’s abject failure in almost every other area of policy? Could the NZ PM possibly be the kind of depraved narcissistic opportunist who would seize upon a fatal disease to bring herself fame and political fortune? Could our country’s caring sharing PM really ever be that kind of person?

Well, who would really know? For its a shame we cannot really ascertain what the true death rates are for the virus, and what its real impact is upon our society. Anyone delving in to this issue will find a minefield of politicised misinformation. For rational people, that such information is so deliberately clouded must surely suggest there is something fishy going on.

A cynic might think Jacinda Ardern is manipulating the perceived Covid 19 “crisis” to enhance her public profile and distract from a monumental litany of govt policy failures

In reality there is little doubt Covid-19 is being used as a political football by all incumbent socialist governments across the globe, and the Ardern govt is one of them.

We are told Covid-19 is a dire threat by the same people who have for decades been making false predictions about climate change, another concept that seems more of a political tool than a reality. Or the same damn fools who told us 20 years of war in Afghanistan was a good idea. Why on earth would we believe these liars on Covid-19?

Of course if she wanted to totally dispel the idea that she is using this perceived emergency to enhance her political situation, she could leave the daily conferences to health officials. She could abandon the podium and leave it to those who are providing her with the information anyway.

Then, instead of fronting on Covid-19 questions she could perhaps face the country on issues of real importance. Rising interest rates. Rising rents. Rising electricity prices. Rising inflation. A continuing shortage of houses. The rise of radical separatist “Maori” and their seizure of so many parts of government and the bureaucracy. The Stasi style attack on free speech. The Three Waters scheme. The discontent within the farming community. The rising poverty of the middle and lower classes. The shortage of electricity. The increasing use of coal after she told us we were in a “climate emergency”.

Instead, she puts herself before us every day as a modern St George slaying the fire breathing dragon. The fawning and corrupt media, who depend upon Ardern for their survival, enthusiastically make themselves a part of this stylized illusion. Desperately repeating the scare mongering of their benefactor. Partisan as all hell, they’re as happy not to have to address her govt’s systemic failures as she is not to be questioned on them.

What should happen here? New Zealand needs a political consensus on how to deal with Covid 19 and the focus of that consensus must be to immediately discard the insane objective of Zero Covid. The cost to the country both economically ($50 billion so far and $1.5 billion a week during lockdowns) and spiritually is too high.

The Govt needs to sit around the table with the National and ACT parties and all should agree on the only rational solution, and that is to abandon all lockdowns and other restrictive measures aimed at the Zero Covid objective and develop a strategy that allows normality to prevail. It is what logic reason and sanity would compel us to do.

Once the consensus of abandoning Zero Covid is arrived at we can then have a sensible and rational argument about what to do next. Whereas it is the opinion of this blog that vaccinations and masks are a waste of time, these are not the issues right now.

The important decision is to replace Zero Covid with a “life must go on” objective and tailor solutions to suit the latter rather than the former.

Ms Ardern won’t like it much, for such an objective and such a consensus approach will remove some of the spotlight she currently enjoys. In a non-politicised strategy, the first thing that has to happen is that her participation in daily press conferences will have to stop. Health officials should be the only people on the podium.

As difficult as the task may be, the power drunk and vainglorious Jacinda Ardern simply has to be persuaded to stop hogging the stage and stop scaremongering for political gain. She must cop the personal embarrassment and political losses that will ensue from a media then forced to report on her litany of failure. The Prime Minister must change her self serving strategies and put New Zealand’s future above her own future and that of the Labour party.


  • YES!! YES!! YES!! YES!! Absolutely agree


  • Anyone remember the Nurses strike planned for the 19th that they had to call off? Uncanny timing this lockdown.

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  • Well said , totally agree! I have to say I’ve been pushing that very logic since Day 5 of the 2020 lockdown … this plandemic has never felt right !


  • One has to wonder just exactly what “child poverty” really is?
    No savings bank account?
    A consequence of parents who squander their money instead of nurturing their children?
    Does anyone know – not just the definition – but also the root causes?

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  • Has to be said, once again the onus falls on the farmers to keep the economy going, while lockdown fantasy plays out.
    There should be an immediate 50% haircut to public service pay for those not directly involved in covid response.

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  • Fat chance of that. This government politicize everything they do. Nothing they legislate is without the intent for political gain, from paying their election bribes to the Maori Caucus, to keeping the population in a state of fear, to dumbing down and grossly politicizing the
    education system, bribing the media and doing everything they can to destroy critical thought thus avoiding accountability.

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  • That information is 100% correct. How ever to remove Ardern is the problem. She will continue to spout lies and eventually believe them herself. The truth she will not allow to come to the fore because it would be political suicide and her demise as a political figure.
    She gained re election on manipulation by not following the advice to post pone until November denying other parties time to address the voters. She did not tell the voters of her true intentions. She became the prime minster for a second term only because she manipulated the voters and opposition parties using the covid lockdown and her omission of her true intentions.


  • Denmark is making plans to remove all Covid-19 restrictions by September


  • Absolutely agree!
    Well said.


  • Unfortunately, like most politicians, she would never admit she is wrong, not even to her self.


  • There is something about this latest outbreak that is a bit suspicious. We know Labour had an internal UMR poll done that they didn’t release. Former MP Matt King claims to have been leaked a copy that showed Labour polling in the 30s. Within about 2 weeks we are in Lockdown. There were rumours in the week before lockdown per Cam Slater etc that something was happening as if the Government was getting ready for a lockdown. There are 3 scenarios 1) Everything the Government has done has been transparent and honest. 2) The Government knew Covid was in and sat on it to allow spread. 3) The Government deliberately allowed Covid to come in. This lockdown issue has happened before you may recall which lead to the media screaming that Gerry Brownlee was spreading conspiracy theories. I hope that if the Government has been less than honest then somehow the truth will come out.

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  • I’m so embarrassed and ashamed of our PM the rest
    Of the world are talking about our Dictator , sadly it’s true, I’m sick to death of the look at me time and time again she is a pure narcissist for sure
    , Robinson is self praising all the time sly and smug as for the other MP puppets who are there to only say yes too scared to speak and love the money more than us the regular great Kiwi people a shameful bunch of parasites


  • There is a long line of manufactured crises, all of which have been used to distract us from the fact we are being farmed like cows. The more recent crises have simply reached the level of the absurd, to match our gullibility.

    The Russians (Crimean vintage), atomics, Ozone, Y2K, 911, Global BS warming, Islamic attacks, The Russians (again FFS), & now Covid & vaccines. Fear is catnip for the masses.

    Bubble head thinks she can surf the wave, and milk the people she was elected to represent. At some point she will be dumped on the hard reef.


  • The international film industry knew at least a week before this lockdown, of when it was going to happen. They were already shutting down productions and pulling their people out. Concrete blocks were placed at the vehicle access to Muriwai Beach, several days before this lockdown. Just 2 facts I know of to show It was contrived and planned. Those in control know this virus isn’t dangerous to the vast majority. They are using it to strengthen their Marxist agenda, and give Cindy electioneering opportunities to halt her slide in the polls. That much is clear! But it is working. Amongst my family, friends and neighbours, I am more and more a lone voice questioning the whole scam. 2 simple observations: why stop vaccinations yet massively increase testing centres? Its in “their” interest to find more cases, thats why. Why enforce mandatory mask-wearing in public places if an ineffective cotton fashion mask or scarf is classed as ok? All a total nonsense, yet to not wear a mask is to now be publicly shamed.


  • Absolutely bloodyluty


  • Perfectly said. This is exactly what is happening. Share this article. The media in this country and Australia are appalling an d an embarrassment. I have not watched a single one of Ardern’s conferences.


  • Well said Stan,
    As regards the governments lies, I would like to offer the following comment, as I think it sums up the current political atmosphere – Eighty years ago a prominent European government minister said, – “ If you tell a lie big enough and often enough people will eventually come to believe it. It thus becomes vitally important for The State to use all its power to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State” – do you know who it was?

    As regards the quality and ability of the incumbent politicians, the great Nobel Laureate Sir Peter Medawar offered this comment:
    “With the rise in secondary and more latterly tertiary education there has developed a growing number of left wing socialists with quite well developed literary and scholarly tastes who have been educated far beyond their capacity to undertake analytical thought”
    And hence reject responsibility for the implications resulting from the decisions they make.
    Just a couple of thoughts, but did appreciate your comments Stan


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