ACT’s David Seymour doesn’t care about changing New Zealand to Aotearoa

Mr Seymour may be the flavour of the month to a lot of disillusioned National Party supporters, but there’s always been a question over his real commitment to liberty. Surely he should support the people having a voice on the changing of this country’s name. However it appears he does not.

Updated results from Newshub poll 04/08/21

The Labour govt has entered into a covert deal with its so called “Maori” caucus to change the name of our country. This change is an extremely meaningful event to a lot of NZers, but it was never floated as part of Labour’s platform during their last election campaign. Labour are making this significant change without a mandate.

To his credit, National MP Stuart Smith has protested this tyranny, and has said a referendum should be held. The fake named Maori Party have rejected this on the grounds that it would be a democratic decision, and therefore unacceptable to them.

David Seymour does a bit of twerking on Dancing With The Stars

Supporting the fake named Maori party is communist activist Marc Daalder who sneers at Mr Smith for expressing an opinion that conflicts with what Marc thinks is progressive change. He says that Mr Smith’s concerns are a breach of his leader Judith Collin’s instructions to “focus on what matters to New Zealanders”.  Mr Daalder provides no evidence to support this opinion.

He does though claim the support of David Seymour. He writes that –

When asked about Smith’s proposal on Tuesday, ACT Party Leader David Seymour hit the nail on the head. “Look, I just think, ultimately, Stuart Smith needs to focus on bigger issues,” he said.

This isn’t the first time David Seymour has shied away from controversy. It appears his higher polling has made him cautious about rocking the boat, and he’s dead scared of any utterance that might bring the wrath of the woke down upon him. This seems to apply particularly in respect of so called Maori issues.

Nat MP Stuart Smith wants to stop New Zealand’s name being changed to Aotearoa without a referendum on the issue

The fact that the Maori Party oppose a referendum is proof that not many NZers will agree with the proposal, and if those NZers do not agree, it is also proof they care.

So Marc Daalder and David Seymour are wrong, but what’s really troubling here is that Mr Seymour would ally himself with the views of the communist rabble that poses as NZ’s media. A referendum on a name change is not a silly idea and ACT of all parties should support it. Apparently they don’t.

No wonder there are constant rumours of the party’s dissatisfaction with Seymour’s performance, and he has privately expressed concerns with the difficulty of managing his caucus. Saying if it gets bigger it may not be such a good thing for he could then lose control.

The party has to grow, and Mr Seymour needs to get over his desperate fear of the woke and speak out. Otherwise high polling or not, he deserves to be replaced.

Video shows Mr Seymour a year ago attempting to ingratiate himself with the odious progressives of the Project, by making Trump jokes.


  • Seymour is “Controlled Opposition” … nothing more, nothing less. Not worth wasting a vote. New Zealand desperately needs a new centre/right Conservative party that truly represents the core values on which this country was established …. and that so many of our forefathers sacrificed their lives to protect. In terms of those values, Seymour is just another snake oil salesman and we’re fed-up with their b/s …. Wellington is overflowing with these vermin.

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  • So please tell me, Red, who TF should we be supporting???? Seems to me, politics is a total cluster……


    • Hard question SharryLou. I pretty much feel the same as Steve above and I suspect you do too. Maybe it really is all over for NZ and we’re just not admitting it.

      Hate the media here but I watched Jack Tame at the weekend just to see if there was a story in it. Tame is absolutely hopeless. He had two lefties on who were just as hopeless. Absolutely black hole hopeless. Then he had token “righty” Ben Thomas on who was just as hopeless as everyone else. No one seems to give a damn about small govt, low taxes and liberty any more. Totally depressed me seeing that show. The ignorance especially in support of hate speech legislation was palpable.

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  • This is letting the Perfect be the enemy of the good in my opinion. The whole changing the name of the country thing becomes a non-issue if bureaucracy was reduced by removing idle agencies that have time to focus on such trivialities, and getting the many that are failing back to the job they are supposed to be doing.
    There is no grass-roots movement for a name change – even less than there was with the flag.
    And the lesson there was some of the electorates least in favour of change were precisely the Maori and PI electorates that MSM propagandists would imply were craving for a change. In short it’s a a topic of out of touch elites at stuff and granny herald.
    Most people are more worried about getting a roof over their head, feeding and educating their kids.
    You have to pick your battles and not be distracted by every shiny object.


  • I for one, did not know Seymour was for this ridiculous name change. Best stick with Judith, knowing she will not capitulate to maori radicals to gain power.
    By the day, we are getting closer to civil turmoil, and it is not hard to see why many of us lost firearms, yet maori gangs were not affected.
    ” Aotearoa,” now known as “Land of the Wrong White Crowd”, in many circles.


    • I’m baffled by the suggestion that changing the name of a country is something insignificant, especially when it is being done in such a sneaky and underhand way. To me its a major issue, similar in significance to Rhodesia’s change to Zimbabwe. All such name changes are an historic sign of communist decline and cultural subversion and IMHO its an important issue that should be addressed.

      Kudos to Collins and Smith for speaking out on it. Its not as if publicly resisting this duplicitous move is going to interfere with any other work, of prevent Seymour from doing whatever he thinks is important.

      David has thrown his hand in with Rawiri Waititi, Kris Faafoi, Andrew Little and most of NZ’s partisan leftist media. Newshub’s Jenna Lynch has dubbed discontent with the change to Aotearoa as a “conspiratorial theory”. For God’s sake. I’m damn glad I’m not in agreement with/ on the same side as that pack of commie bastards. I’m with Judith Collins on this one.

      Canada is Canada. Australia is Australia. The United States is the United States. England is England. New Zealand is New Zealand. EOS.

      Finally Aotearoa is not even a legitimate alternative. Its just another convenient lie about the country’s history in a torrent of such lies being rained down upon us right now. Maori, a collection of disparate tribes at the time, did not call New Zealand Aotearoa. That was the name of some isolated region in the Hauraki gulf (from memory) They called NZ Nui Tireni and this was the name used in the anthem when it was first translated in 1842 at the request of then Governor George Grey.


  • Seymour like Hosking …. “Controlled” opposition but terrified sheep nonetheless…😤


    • Libertarians like Mr Seymour make a big mistake in refusing to fight the culture war. Cultural Marxism has been the most successful strategy for the left in their mission to turn our pluralist democracies into one party socialist states. It has delivered to them almost all the power they hold today.

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  • David wants compulsory QR scanning for the ccp virus, that tells me where he sits on personal freedom line. It’s great he’s good! on free speech but I think that where liberty ends with David. Just another lefty on the right.


  • David was trained in Canada. Nuff said. His constituents are well informed but lack options. Kiwi suffer from lack of political savvy while communists import to train from Portland Antifa and Global Green trained Hollywood. Think James Cameron influencers vs the horse breeder at Alexandria Park. David isn’t trained and comes from some hick town in Northlands.