Two takes on the farmer’s protests today

As I predicted in this article, the left are doing all they can to discredit the farmers’ protest today. Twitter is full of the most disgusting takes. Here though is one of the best from the opposite angle-

Very well said Jane. On the other hand, here’s one of the worst, from a Muslim woman whose Bangladeshi parents were admitted to NZ as refugees. The tweeter appears frequently as a political commentator on Radio NZ and TV One, and campaigns aggressively for hate speech legislation.

This country needs a hell of a lot more patriots like Jane, and a hell of a lot fewer global communists.

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  • Me and my dog went. Great turnout at Orewa. Lots, like me, not farmers but totally over what’s happening to our country. Spoke to many people there, every single one of them, like me, at their first-ever protest. Speaks volumes doesn’t it! And this, with zilch coverage in the lead up to it, in “mainstream” media. The discontent will grow.


  • Well said as usual Red

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