Monthly Archives: July 2021

First $9.6 million payout under journalism fund goes to propaganda framework for He Puapua

As a taxpayer you’re donating $130 million to NZ’s news media. $75 million of that has been spent under Covid19 relief provisions. Today we discovered the socially destructive separatist purposes the remaining $55 million is being put to. The $55 million is being distributed by NZ on Air under the “Public Interest Journalism” scheme, and they have set up a

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NZ media blind to Cuba uprising

Searching through NZ’s mainstream media sources its impossible to find a report on one of the greatest events for freedom in modern times, and that is the beginnings of a revolution against 62 years of totalitarian communist rule in Cuba. The ranting reds at Radio NZ reported on revolutionary events in South America, but it was just some feeble left

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