David Seymour defends cancel culture

Accosted by cancelled Youtuber Lee Williams at an ACT party public meeting in Ashburton last night, David Seymour defended cancel culture as an expression of what he perceived as traditional liberalism.

Lee Williams was “cancelled” a month ago for speaking out against what he saw as the “maorification” of New Zealand. He perceived an elite group of activists acting under the name of Maori gaining political advantages at the expense of our one man one vote democracy. However it doesn’t matter what Mr William’s political views are. It is what happened to him that is important, and it was an expression not of traditional liberalism but of neo-fascism. Mr Seymour needs to get his head straight on this issue.

Lee Williams was targeted by a group loosely associated with Antifa. They have a campaign organised in NZ to stifle all opinion they disagree with. The BFD claims this operation has a name‘The Great Deplatforming of Matariki 2021’  (The BFD also claims journalist Marc Daalder is part of this organisation). The group had Mr Williams fired from his job, had his Youtube account cancelled, had his bank account cancelled, and stymied every attempt he used to try and raise money to defend himself.

Many people don’t fully understand Antifa. They think it is some harmless group campaigning against modern day “Mussolinis”. In fact Antifa’s own literature describes them as opposed to all political groups other than communists. This includes anyone even slightly to the right, including social democrats and modern liberals. To Antifa, its communism or nothing. They are representatives of the most vile murderous genocidal ideology that has ever existed in modern history.

They claim to have close contacts in govt, academia and media, and it is probably true. Many of them, perhaps all, are on the govt’s payroll. The MPs of the Maori Party helped them cancel Lee Williams. So it’s not anything that resembles classical liberalism. It’s the powerful attacking the weak.

Judith Collins defended Rachel Stewart when she had her farm firearms confiscated for a tweet Cancel Culture groups claimed was threatening

Today govts do not have to silence people through edicts that would breach the bill of rights anyway. They merely apply pressure (through funding grants, and loans) to private sector companies and govt groups/ qangos to ensure they have that control.

If the recipients of this funding don’t echo the govt’s sentiments, that funding will be withdrawn. (Lee William’s past employer Synlait receives almost $1 million in govt funding) It is as far from classical liberalism as you can get, and in fact fits the definition of fascism.

Fascism is defined as a governmental system led by a dictator, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, and regimenting all industry and often emphasizing racism. Whereas Jacinda Ardern is not a dictator and is subject to our democratic system, it doesn’t matter much when she is using govt funding to control media, academia and pretty much every other politically influential group. The racism is expressed through the proposals outlined in He Puapua and being pursued aggressively by the Labour Party’s “Maori” faction. With the full approval of Jacinda Ardern.

Free people in NZ today have little power, and they see what remains of their freedom under more threat as each day passes. We need prominent people, namely politicians, to start speaking out loudly against cancel culture. Judith Collins is doing it to a small degree with her defence of Rachel Stewart.

David Seymour bills his party as the party for freedom, as Lee Williams points out emphatically in the video. David needs to live up to this. Screw on your courage Mr Seymour and help Judith confront this weird alliance of fascism and communism. They can’t cancel everyone.

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  • I’m not surprised David is ok with cancel culture, but I can see Lee needs to chill out because no one will listen to his message behaving like this. This is the skill of Jacinda, she has a product called socialism which is a pathway to the destruction of NZ. But she sells it well, I bet she could sell dogshit to a kennel.

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    • Yes, its disappointing to see David take such a tack. He is a bit fearful of suffering the same kind of destruction that was delivered upon Lee Williams. Know for a fact he is sometimes reluctant to speak what he knows is truth for this very reason, because he has said so in person. He says speaking truth in politics is a matter of timing. Maybe he’s right, but I’m not comfortable with it.


      • I would characterise Lee’s Rant at David using the same words you used on my Insightful comments about Iran, the state of New Zealand as I witnessed traveling from Cape Reigna to Wellington – New Plymouth to Napier. Lee’s wife asked him to stop his nonsense last August when he spoke in Auckland, and he ignored her while chasing tail out of town. David is correct Lee brought being fired and losing his wife and losing a free YouTube channel he ranted on about himself. I’ve met with Farmers from Northlands, N Island and S Island. David hosted the outgoing Federated Farmers President in Epsom June 2020 whee I was in attendance, and asked questions. The event included an insightful, articulate audience who pushed back on David to be more vocal about Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. The FF president demonstrated why that group is neutered when they’ve been attending UN Sponsored Climate Change Ag events worldwide paid for by NZ Farmers who support the Federated Farmers. Lee Williams wasn’t at David’s event. There was a man at David’s event who asked what more can be done to help Farmers Suicide prevention in New Zealand. I gave that man resources to network with California and Arizona Farmer Suicide Prevention resources. Lee could have been a candidate for office during a historic 2020 election, but he opted to rant into his phone posting on YouTube on topics he mirrors from American news coverage. Law Willaims is just another wanna be grifter thinking he can mimic Donald Trump seeking attention on a platform he didn’t learn to use – Lee Williams was no Mr. Beast. He’s not even an AMC Ape. And Lee wasn’t willing to learn Social Media best practices from an American Badass who opened Trump’s California HQ. YouTube has every right as a private corporation to terminate accounts. Lee Williams ranting wasn’t “on topic” – it was attention seeking. I keep in touch with the kiwi I interviewed during my near yearlong stay in 2020. They prefer how Elliot Ikilei handles himself. It’s amazing you post Lee’s rant here when you deleted my articulate, well informed comments on Iran, New Zeleand and GeoPolitics when it was first person account. But glad I helped you fine tune your Comments Rules LOL.


        • As I say in the article, it does not matter who Lee Williams is, what he has done to his wife or even what he said. When you and David Seymour say he brought it upon himself you are giving licence to some of the worst and most cowardly communist scum in the country to move on to their next target.

          As for your comments here, you boasted in your last few submissions of how you had damaged my site in retaliation for having your previous long off topic posts deleted.

          The rules are still the same and still simple Mrs Baker. Stay on topic and don’t insult the owner. Do you think you’re breaching either of these rules?

          Please note I do not want this site to be used for personal issues. I prefer the broad brush approach to engaging with/about individuals in person.


      • Since I write “ruthlessly what I believe to be the truth,” I never “shut up.” Cheers.


  • Asymmetric warfare by those who want to quash freedom and Mr. Seymour has played right into their hands. He appears to be controlled opposition and his protestations about free speech are fake. He looks uncomfortable in his own skin.

    If he and his colleagues will sink without trace in 2023 it will be no loss.