Monthly Archives: July 2021

Poll shows 6.5 point drop for Labour

Don’t usually bother too much with polls, but its curious that this Roy Morgan report released yesterday did not make it into any major New Zealand news outlet other than NewstalkZB. Its shows a 6.5 point drop in support for Labour, which is somewhat heartening. On the other hand it also shows a 1.5 point increase for the Greens, taking

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The incredible self delusion of Sinead Boucher

Most would not begrudge Sinead Boucher a bit of admiration for having the guts to buy Stuff News. Sure, she only invested a dollar, but she took on a mountain of responsibility. Not only for repaying bank loans, but also for keeping employees in jobs. A soulmate publication ran some positive press for Sinead at the weekend. The UK Guardian

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