Monthly Archives: June 2021

Newsroom’s horrible little communist propagandist

If they really wanted to succeed as a news source, the owners of sites like the Newsroom would never employ progressive or post modern political activists like Marc Daalder, whose work is always tainted by their perennially limited political concepts. At the Newsroom, success takes second place to political ideology. Another great example of this un-businesslike thinking is CNN. Their

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Climate change and Covid19 both suffering from epidemic of fake science

Anyone who watches Tucker Carlson (and you all should) would have seen his report on the fake science surrounding the origins of Covid19. How the science community struggled to keep the truth about its origins under wraps for political and financial reasons. It showed the surprising evidence of just how badly the science community behaved towards those within its own

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New Zealand media apparently ignorant of Fauci downfall

The despicable politically partisan frauds who have taken over New Zealand’s media and turned it into a propaganda device for progressive neo-Marxism apparently don’t have a clue about the downfall of Biden’s Chief Medical Advisor Tony Fauci. They do know that President Trump has been “banned” for two years by Facebook though, an event headlined on most of their internet

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