Monthly Archives: May 2021

Tauranga booing a reaction to progressive tyranny

A woman attempting to kick off a Tauranga ratepayers meeting was booed and jeered when she used Maori phrases. The usual lynch mob is on Twitter and other social media screaming racism, but ironically, the crowd was really just expressing its frustration and disapproval of recent racist tyranny by the Ardern govt. The tyranny behind the crowd’s raucous objections is

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Critical Race Theory in NZ Schools

Although there is evidence the UNITEC Institute of Technology (Auckland) was training staff in Critical Race Theory as far back as 2014, it was only regularly used in the the central education system after the “Institute for Courageous Conversation” (iCCAR) was launched in 2016. This NZ offshoot of a US based company was at that time contracted to supply CRT

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