Its a hard job writing BS at a $1000/page, but someone has to do it

Since socialism became NZ’s ascendant political system, the trade of report writing has boomed. Any frequent reader of Beehive press releases must be impressed by the huge amount of background information available. It goes on forever. Page after page after page, thousands of pages of highly expensive gobbledygook that is in essence unreadable to any sane person.

A sane person wouldn’t have the time to read them, and nor could he act in consideration of the myriad of meticulous details these reports encompass. Unless perhaps he was Albert Einstein, but Al’s been dead for a while now and for sure there’s no one like him in the halls of the Wellington bureaucracy. (recently read the 159 page report “Pathways to Net Zero”. You could safely bet your house there is no one in the beehive with the cranial ability to absorb and process one tenth of the detail in that report)

A taxpayer who knows the intent of govt is to waste every dollar it can without being discovered looks at these reports and the first thing that springs to mind is “who did this and how much did it cost?”

Kris Faafoi has buckets of your money to give away

The govt must be spending billions on these things, and really its just another form of the vast system of corporate welfare that is so infuriatingly entrenched in the country. Businessmen express their concerns with welfare expenditure in the budget and then go to a meeting with a bunch of shiney-arsed MBIE bureaucrats. Where they are handed a non-tendered contract to prepare a report around some idiot plan that in case of the Arden govt are almost without exception the most horrible failures.

Today we were informed that just such a report had been prepared at the bidding of the most dangerous socialist oaf in New Zealand (and that my friends is some distinction). Minister of Broadcasting Kris Faafoi has recently been delivered a report outlining a business case for the merger of TVNZ and Radio NZ, the govt’s foremost propaganda outlets. Pravda TV and Pravda Radio.

The report is 100 pages long and cost NZ Taxpayers $400,000. It was prepared by Price Waterhouse Coopers who enjoyed revenue of $65 billion globally last financial year. Critics have complained the report is simplistic and contains too much information that was available publicly anyway.

But wait- there’s more. Apparently this is just the preliminary version. Mr Faafoi is expecting a further report on the same business case from yet another consultancy, namely Deloitte. The Minister won’t tell us poor sucker taxpayers what this one will cost.

The ex-TV One reporter who thanks to jacinda Ardern now controls the whole broadcasting industry did say he was keen to spend taxpayers money “widely”. Ooops, no, that was “wisely”. Deloitte had global revenue of $70 billion last year.

Just think taxpayers, when you complain about the rising cost of welfare to NZ, how much of it is going to Deloitte and PWC, consultancies with a combined global revenue of over $NZ150 billion. Shines some completely new light on why corporates all going woke and left wing of late, doesn’t it?