Monthly Archives: May 2021

Its a hard job writing BS at a $1000/page, but someone has to do it

Since socialism became NZ’s ascendant political system, the trade of report writing has boomed. Any frequent reader of Beehive press releases must be impressed by the huge amount of background information available. It goes on forever. Page after page after page, thousands of pages of highly expensive gobbledygook that is in essence unreadable to any sane person. A sane person

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Ardern doubles down on “white privilege” denial

Check out the head bobbing and shaking, face touching and the other mannerisms in the video below and then tell me that’s a person speaking truth. Ardern attempts to dismiss concerns about Critical Race Theory being taught in New Zealand schools as wrong and an issue of little consequence anyway. She attempts to draw attention back to her Covid19 “success”

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