Monthly Archives: May 2021

Ardern misleads on “white privilege” in schools

This is such an enormous deceit it could almost qualify as a stinking lie. The Prime Minister (see video below) denies that the term “white privilege” is part of the teaching curriculum in New Zealand. However its worse than a denial. She attempts to conflate what is basically a New Zealand version of Critical Race Theory with “teaching history”. This

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Jacinda denied being a socialist, but now says she is

While many of her comrades have proudly confessed to being “socialists” Jacinda Ardern, who told us she never lies, is unsure of whether she is one or not. She was asked the question directly one morning in October 2020 by radio host Mike Hosking. (listen to audio below) The exchange was very simple. Hosking- “Would you call yourself a socialist?”

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