Its bad manners not a hanging offence!

A man who expressed the view on Facebook that “Maori men are the scourge of New Zealand” has been widely pilloried for his comments. His business is under threat and there have been calls for him to be called before the Human Rights Tribunal. An event that sounds horribly like Soviet Union style oppression.

Frankly, its a terribly ill mannered and unfair thing to say, and he should not have said it, but its not a hanging offence. How do I know this? Because progressives are saying similar things about white men all the time, and they are applauded for it by their friends and peer groups.

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For example taxpayer funded TV One included a recent guest commentator who has for years posted on Twitter the most vile attacks on white people. If making wide and inaccurate generalizations based on race is so wrong, why is he being feted on a govt owned TV station? The same commentator also frequently appears on Radio NZ and writes for many progressive publications like The Spinoff.

So it is ill mannered bigotry in both cases, but apparently today’s cultural watch tower guards in media and elsewhere can’t see that. The logical conflict and the double standards are stark. So why the hell do they go completely unremarked upon by all and sundry?