DPMC report warns of Islamic terrorists targeting NZ

The left’s have accelerated their propaganda offensive in the last year, and are now classifying anyone slightly right of Karl Marx as an “extremist”, or a “white supremacist”. This of course lays almost everyone of us open to charges if the current Stasi, whoever it may be, decides they want to silence us.

In a welcome change from this sophistical narrative, a report provided by the Five Eyes Intelligence network to the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet warns the threat of Islamic terrorism is still alive. The report states-

“Risk Profile notes that New Zealand agencies are aware of a small number of Islamist extremists in the country who were of security concern and who had the capability to commit an unsophisticated terrorist attack. Since the Christchurch terrorist attack, there have been calls of encouragement from the Islamic State and al-Qai’da that have specifically mentioned New Zealand”.

So here we have a credible threat coming from well funded large scale global organisations with training facilities that teach firearms use, bomb making, how to avoid govt surveillance agencies and other skills useful to terrorists.

However according to the NZ Herald, the Prime Minister’s office believes

“Right-wing extremists are using the Covid19 crisis to spread hate and conspiracies.”

Apparently, all one must do to qualify in this case is to claim that

the pandemic is less serious than stated and governments are using it to enforce authoritarian measures.”

Unbelievable really that intelligence agencies can produce something so politically partisan and so unreal. That the report was written in May last year is perhaps some excuse for such rubbish, but really, there needs to be something done about this level of incompetence and incoherence.

To rate citizens questioning the validity of govt claims about Covid19 as presenting a threat equal to that coming from the Islamic State and al-Qai’da is nothing short of insane.