Monthly Archives: April 2021

NZ’s ANZAC day marred by political hypocrisy

Forgive me my reluctance to post anything reverential today, but I find the hypocrisy of modern progressive politicians such a stain on the day it sickens me. Jacinda Ardern made a political speech slyly smearing all past members of the force with her usual divisive Marxist rhetoric. She said- “The years may have brought change, change in roles, change in

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What’s left to conserve?

Author Glenn Ellmers appeared with Tucker Carlson to discuss his article “Conservatism is no longer enough“. Ellmers says- “The conservative movement, in a way, has really let people down, Conservatism… is no longer even the right paradigm to think about these days… So much has gone, so many of our institutions have been captured by the bad guys… What’s left

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