Monthly Archives: April 2021

New Zealand media’s lame reporting on Chauvin trial

Some sadly naïve and gullible people still pay attention to the NZ media because they think it gives them useful news and trustworthy commentary on local and world events. I read it only to cast a critical eye over their reporting. I never expect truth, facts and/or objective commentary, and therefore, I’m never disappointed by what I find. The pathetic

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West fiddles with climate change myth, ignores real threat of World War Three

While the Chicom totalitarian dictatorship’s threat to invade democratic Taiwan grows more real every day, illegitimate US President Sleepy Joe Biden invites NZ PM, the air-headed showgirl Jacinda Ardern, to yet another summit on the mythical threat of climate change. Meanwhile Taiwan’s Defence Ministry said it will run eight days of computer-aided war games this month, simulating a Chinese attack.

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