Monthly Archives: March 2021

Media’s “white supremacy” narrative destroyed by Muslim shooter in Colorado

The “white supremacy” propaganda from New Zealand’s mainstream media has come down in deluges in recent months. TV One, Stuff, Newshub, The NZ Herald, have all acted as megaphones for Muslim activists and extreme left political activists all seeking to make as much profit as they can from the Christchurch shooting. Craven politicians and woke police and security agencies have

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Academic- Maoris are white supremacists

New Zealand is drowning in left wing lunacy right now and nowhere is this lunacy more dominant than in its universities, which are awash with Critical Race Theory, a Marxist based concept that is doing untold damage to the minds of generations of graduates. For an example of just how crazy, here’s an academic, (see video below) with a Doctorate

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