Monthly Archives: March 2021

Jacinda’s favourite world leader guilty of hate speech?

In another blow to the “diversity is strength” propagandists, liberal Denmark had decided to regulate the number of immigrants allowed to settle in selected regions. Quote- The proposal aims to have no residential area in the country have a population of more than 30 per cent non-Western migrants within the next decade, with Interior and Housing Minister Kaare Dybvad Bek stating

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Black Lives Matter behind massive increase in attacks on UK Police

Breitbart highlights a report from August 2020 that revealed London police had seen a 38 per cent increase in attacks on officers between May and July, compared to the same period the year before. The Met said that policing protests, including Black Lives Matter demonstrations, “contributed” to the rise. Whereas these levels of violence are pretty appalling, how much blame

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When is an expert just a drooling far left moron?

New Zealand’s media is basically just a corrupt and partisan propaganda force that combines with its far left colleagues in academia to hoodwink the NZ public on just about every issue. Surveys show lack of trust in media has never been lower, and why should this surprise anyone when the its daily output is so radical its makes itself a

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