QandA on immigration- NZers are being drenched in state propaganda

If the teaser (below) for Sunday’s QandA is anything to go on, NZers are in for yet another broadside of blatant propaganda from state owned and funded television. This time fake newser Jack Tame interviews a totally one sided panel of progressives and far left academics on the issue of immigration.

Naturally, they can’t wait to assail New Zealanders as xenophobes and racists, and the accusations come thick and fast. There isn’t a panel member with an opposing view, which if I recall is some kind of breach of broadcasting standards, but of course we already know such rules don’t apply to the left. Economist Arthur Grimes, a professor at Victoria University of Wellington says-

“Anti-immigration is being xenophobic. Most of the people who are strongly anti-immigration are xenophobic.”

“Distinguished” Professor Paul Spoonley is head of Massey University’s Humanities and Social Sciences Dept. He’s so far left he has political affiliations with the group Paparoa, who label themselves as NZ’s Antifa. He shouldn’t be within a bar of any University. Says Spoonley-

“We have got to find ways to address that anxiety and address that racism”

Spoonley has also been one of the main agitators for the horrendous hate speech and hate crime laws the govt will be introducing to parliament later this year. Even though asked many times, the Professor can’t provide an objective legal definition of those two concepts.

The left love to hang the suffix “phobia” onto any disagreement with their edicts. The insinuation is that the person who disagrees is suffering from a mental illness. It is a disgusting cowardly ploy straight out of Stalinist Russia, where people were frequently tried and adjudged mentally unstable and sent to the gulags just for disagreeing with Communism.

So if you’re a bit uneasy about levels of immigration because-

You’re trying to buy a new home and can’t save quick enough to match the price increases

You’re stuck in traffic on roads completely unable to cope with the massive increase in population densities

Your rates are sky-rocketing as councils struggle to increase infrastructure, again to cope with increased population density

You miss Christian Christmas Carols, and feel uncomfortable about greeting anyone with “Merry Christmas” at that time of year because they may be offended

You’re unhappy about being watched online by Stasi-like govt snoops of the kind that have never existed in NZ before, and fear them knocking on your door if you do transgress

You’re afraid of breaching poorly defined and subjective laws drawn up to make Muslims and other immigrants “feel safe”

You have had to hand over your guns to govt, and are now expected to jump through another minefield of data collection when registration becomes the law

You look at the violence that has occurred overseas, particularly in Europe as a result of immigration, and worry about the same thing happening here

You read about Communist Chinese spy activities in the country, and so many other western democracies like Australia, Canada, the US and Britain and are worried about what that will mean in the long term, especially if China invades Taiwan,

You think your chances of getting a job in a govt service, (Police for example) are reduced or non-existent because you’re skin colour or cultural background is not currently acceptable

You see so many basic and traditional western freedoms being steadily eroded because the govt is pandering to immigrant pressure groups

You’re afraid to mention any of the above concerns because you don’t want to be labeled a white supremacist or a racist,

then according to the state perjurors in Jack Tame’s sham propaganda production, you’re suffering from a phobia and need some kind of mental treatment. What odious people they are, and as Dan O’Connor wrote in the UK Spectator in 2015-

Never before in the entire course of human history, has an entire culture, race and civilization decided to hand over its lands, social capital, heritage and identities to competing and intruding alien cultures without a fight, and even worse, to evolve an ideology that morally justifies it and glorifies it as proof of their moral supremacy. European man is in a civilizational death dance.

Fight back against the perfidious evil of state propaganda and its organs. Boycott all state funded media. (in NZ, that means practically all of it) See the teaser for an example of what you’re in for if you watch QandA on Sunday.