Andrew Bayly- Another National Party dud?

Are the National Party ever going to find some true political warriors, or have such animals been driven to extinction in NZ by the dominance of the left?

Andrew Bayly to his credit is not a list MP. He won the Hunua electorate first in 2014 and won it again in 2017 and again in 2020, although it is now called Port Waikato. In his professional life he has focused on corporate accountancy and consulting. However he’s no pencil pushing dullard, having competed in marathons, ironman events, and mountain climbing. He’s also trekked to both the South and North Poles and spent time in the British parachute regiment.

So one would think “here’s a guy with some zeal, he should be able to stick it up the left”. However the truth is he hasn’t really set Wellington on fire. On Radio New Zealand a few days ago he was IMHO pretty easily destroyed by far left presenter Gyles Beckford.

One wonders how a man with such an impressive resume allows himself to be humbled by a punk Radio NZ commie stooge?

Well, for one thing, Mr Bayly is pretty much invested in the global warming scam, and makes money from it by means of various capital ventures, no doubt padded out with the usual generous govt subsidies for such businesses.

More importantly, he won’t say where he sits on the political spectrum and describes himself as “not an ideologue”. Whenever one sees this statement, its usually a warning that the person is a left winger.

You cannot engage effectively with socialists unless you have some kind of political idea or system that you perceive as a better option. Its possible this is Mr Bayly’s problem. He lacks that idea.

Bayley disapproves of Rogernomics and thinks they went too fast. He thinks Robertson’s pointless letter to the Reserve Bank asking them to consider house prices in their calculations was a good idea. He wants NZ entrepeneurs to “think globally”. All pretty cloudy stuff.

Going out on a limb here, but my guess is Mr Bayly is another bucket lister like John Key, who had being PM as a boyhood ambition, and did what he had to do to achieve it. Mr Bayly’s list is North pole (done) South Pole (done) Marathon (done) Parachute Regiment (done) Prime Minister (not done).

Andrew’s political presence is all about his personal ambitions, which is why we don’t need him and his soft left ideas. What we need are politicians burning with the desire to free NZ from the clutch of socialism. Anything else and they’re just a waste of a vote.

See video of Andrew Bayly presser. Flaccid or what?