ACT’s shameful lack of guts on ETS

It is so disappointing to see ACT refuse to challenge the Climate Change Scam. One would have thought, with their professed focus on small govt and less spending, they would take a clear stand against something that massively increases govt power and is already costing consumers millions in fees and charges that are in actuality pointless.

They even have a Climate Change Spokesman in Simon Court. Two days ago he said-

“ACT says gas, like every greenhouse gas emitting fuel, should be subject to a proper Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), allowing businesses and individuals to make rational decisions based on the increasing cost of emissions”

This is insanity. For one thing, the ETS is not a true free market solution. It is a completely false market created by government intervention. Secondly, the ETS adds cost to everything consumers purchase. Example- at the moment you’re paying around 11 cents extra for a litre of gas because of the ETS. That was based on a carbon price of around $NZ30 a tonne.

Right now its at $39 tonne and rising fast. Some economists predict a future price of $150-$200 per tonne. So you’ll be paying much more for fuel and every other thing that has a carbon component, meaning practically everything. For no real effect upon the climate.

No true free market party would be part of this ridiculous fantasy driven scam, and its to ACT’s everlasting shame that they won’t take a stand against one of the biggest frauds in human history.