Monthly Archives: March 2021

ACT’s shameful lack of guts on ETS

It is so disappointing to see ACT refuse to challenge the Climate Change Scam. One would have thought, with their professed focus on small govt and less spending, they would take a clear stand against something that massively increases govt power and is already costing consumers millions in fees and charges that are in actuality pointless. They even have a

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Does that sound like a pandemic to you?

This video is just an unknown guy talking, but by reason of his logic, he’s sounds pretty credible. Picked the video up on Gab, and have no idea of its origins or I would post an acknowledgement. However, he’s a master of plain talking and in two minutes makes one of the best cases I have heard for the argument

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Progressives at Radio NZ promoting their personal anti-Christian agendas

A friend alerted me to a Radio NZ interview with the progressive media’s favourite object of hatred, Pastor Brian Tamaki. The “interviewer” was hard leftist Lisa Owen, and she harried and harassed Tamaki through the whole interview in a totally unprofessional and personally prejudicial manner. Lisa seemed to be projecting her own personal hurt, in that Tamaki has perceivably defied

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