Monthly Archives: March 2021

Well done by Melissa Lee

The National Party get far more brickbats than bouquets on this blog, but shadow Broadcasting Minister Melissa Lee did an excellent job questioning the commies from Radio New Zealand and TVNZ at the Social Services and Community select committee hearing on Public Broadcasting. Didn’t get any real answers from the duck shoving buck passing equivocators who run those organisations, but

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NZME cancelling of Dr Michael Basset demonstrates urgent need for Free Speech ombudsman

There are calls for the appointment of an independent arbitrator whose role would be to protect free speech from arbitrary and politically driven attacks from the woke gate keepers in our media. The actions of the NZ Herald (or NZME) in “cancelling” Dr Michael Basset emphasize that this cannot happen soon enough. Dr Basset, an eminent historian and well respected

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