National- the opposition you have when you’re not having an opposition

National’s shadow broadcasting Minster Melissa lee has written a piece on Kiwiblog. Its convoluted and indecisive when it should have been concise and hard hitting. The issue is the govt funding media, so its not a difficult argument. It shouldn’t be done ever or at all because not only is it morally wrong it is very harmful to the democratic process.

All over the alternative media there are passionate people making excellent hits on Jacinda Ardern’s govt. Covid 19 crisis mismanagement, the deeply flawed Climate Commission report, the Maori wards legislative attack on democracy, and of course the bribing of the media.

Good points are being made in these articles, but little to be seen from National who are still hog tied and shackled by their pathetic submission to wokeness. Ms Lee in her article even called New Zealand “Aotearoa” and signed off in Maori. Her essay earns about a 3/10 and there are far better efforts all over the net by ordinary citizens. The Nats just don’t measure up as a serious opposition party.