Police Report- non-merit promotions the biggest problem

Media feminists have latched on to this report as a means of pressing their ever present ambitions to take over from white males as the leaders in western society. Therefore they’re typically painting it as a “police (white) males are bad to police females” situation.

The report does register more dissatisfaction from females, however this is merely a statistic without any real scientific data which one could draw real conclusions from. In fact overall, the report is pretty much a litany of petty complaints, gossip and hearsay of the kind you would get if you surveyed any large workplace.

The most standout feature is the high level of dissatisfaction with the promotion process, which many Police perceive as not being based on merit. Only 24% of male respondents agreed the system was fair. It is plain that gender and race based hiring and promotion policies are actually the main cause of a lot of the discontent in the NZ Police.

It should be noted that the report says only 40% of Police replied to the survey, so when 60% don’t even care enough to respond, its difficult to know if the report is indeed a true representation of the situation.