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Labour supporting mainstream media in NZ are hesitant to criticise Police Commissioner Coster. He’s like them, a soft left wing wokester. Frontline police are unhappy about his leadership, and at the annual Police enquiry, shadow Justice Minster Simon Bridges reads Coster a letter from a senior officer explaining why. The letter examples Coster’s undermining of Police by failing to wear

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NZ Deputy Police Commissioner- gun laws are only for “compliant” people

Deputy Police Commissioner Tania Kura inadvertently speaks the unvarnished truth when she says gun laws are only for “compliant” citizens. Why then did the Police engage in a hugely expensive buy back program, and why are they intending to implement another massively expensive firearms register? A policy that was abandoned in Canada as too costly and ineffective. Watch the video

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Police Report- non-merit promotions the biggest problem

Media feminists have latched on to this report as a means of pressing their ever present ambitions to take over from white males as the leaders in western society. Therefore they’re typically painting it as a “police (white) males are bad to police females” situation. The report does register more dissatisfaction from females, however this is merely a statistic without

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