Monthly Archives: March 2021

A Survey Rebecca Kitteridge needs to study

A newly released survey shows that very few citizens of Europe endorse Muslim immigration. Disapproval of Islam is constantly described by the mainstream media as a symptom of “white supremacy” yet this survey indicates such views are by far in the majority or mainstream. Why then are these view also described as “extremist”?? I’ll tell you why. Media (and others)

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The big “White Supremacy” lie

The left are soaking us with lies and one of the worst of late is the “white supremacy” lie. A few rag tag losers hanging around the fringes of society are heralded as proof of a much larger movement whose adherents apparently number in the millions and they are deeply embedded in all facets of NZ society. This is another

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A Woke SIS, but will it help keep us safe?

NZ is drowing in big left wing lies, and one of the worst is that the Christchurch attack happened because of the NZ Security Service’s failure- mainly that it was focusing on Muslim extremism when it should have been focusing on “white supremacy” This is a complete inversion of reality. The Christchurch attack was an aberrational event and more a

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