Communist Green Party list MP sees B-52 bomber fly over as “problematic”

If there is ever a communist non-entity needing a bit of media exposure, the likewise communist infested Radio New Zealand (taxpayer funded) will rush to give them airtime, and pander to their hatred of Western society.

The vapid and insipid so called “refugee” (her parents were given permission from the regime to leave Iran) Golriz Ghahraman is one such example, and never misses an opportunity to grab some exposure by expressing her contempt for the society that gave her safe harbour.

Golriz is a list MP, meaning she has never risked an electoral contest, but weaseled her way into parliament due to the MMP system, when the Greens earned eight percent of the vote. Yet she claims here, as she often does, to speak for all New Zealanders, and her speech is always profusely littered with the pronouns “we” and “us”.

Those of us born in NZ are probably a bit irritated by Golriz’s rude and arrogant assumption to represent our views, and in this instance attack elements of our defence system that by means of superior western design and engineering, help to keep our countries free.