Monthly Archives: February 2021

Communist Green Party list MP sees B-52 bomber fly over as “problematic”

If there is ever a communist non-entity needing a bit of media exposure, the likewise communist infested Radio New Zealand (taxpayer funded) will rush to give them airtime, and pander to their hatred of Western society. The vapid and insipid so called “refugee” (her parents were given permission from the regime to leave Iran) Golriz Ghahraman is one such example,

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Once govt finances the media, true democracy is dead

Here are the owners/managers of New Zealand’s politically corrupt left / progressive media leaving their latest meeting with Labour/ Jacinda Ardern’s “Media Minister” Kris Faafoi, currently the most dangerous man in New Zealand. Mr Faafoi reportedly visited every newsroom in the country prior to the election, which Ardern won handsomely arguably because of favorable treatment from this very media. Who

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