National Party needs to lead on scrutiny of Ardern’s Climate Change Commission

Where is the so called opposition National Party and its “leader” Judith Collins on the matter of the Climate Commission’s report? The report recommends massive changes to NZ’s society and economy, far greater than the changes wrought by Roger Douglas some decades ago.
Yet the response from the Nats has been muted to say the least. Furthermore, the authors of the report are arrogantly hiding their full economic modelling from public scrutiny. From the taxpayer. After we damn well paid them for it.
Why are they hiding the economic modelling? Can only be one reason, and that is like most things associated with the Global Warming scam, it will not withstand scrutiny. This Climate Commission is meant to be providing “objective” advice. Utter rubbish. Its obviously a partisan left wing group pandering to the Ardern govt and doing its bit to help push the myth of man caused climate change.
Below the members of the Climate Commission pose with their Green party political patrons, one of whom had to resign for dishonesty offences.